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  1. i like the blue one. also:SPOILER WARNINGS DAMMIT!
  2. Foamy said: You must love that site. Well that's because: http://istheshit.istheshit.net/
  3. That last one is lol.
  4. I'm your mom.
  5. http://foamy.istheshit.net/
  6. http://foamy.istheshit.net/
  7. MEH TOOS!
  8. the penis is a lie,lol!
  9. huppelkutjes. that's dutch.
  10. Foamy said: ...You think you would find the prezidents brain in MAH pants? Okay,unlikely,as it don't exist. But i bet i know where Amelia Earhart went.
  11. really? what sucks about it?
  12. still,i'd rather not go in there. I think i may find objects long presumed missing. The sphynx' nose,george bush's brains.