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  1. What's the new '?' - any hints?
  2. cool! nice game - five'd bosses are cool
  3. oh i see! thanks
  4. sad when it got killed though , i almost cried (but i didnt lose THAT much brain)
  5. atfer whatching it i dont fink i kan spel, but it wos god! such a great idea, and it works briliantly!!! These animations are legendary Foamy's right, WCS community should make one together, perhaps make a list with everyone who has flash on it, randomise it, then each person can make something then email it to an admin. And, you could see the whole movie because there are more than two people (not just the end part..)
  6. you may have no life but at least you have a half life jks, it looks really cool!
  7. a level maker would be really fun and would make it fun for peeps who have completed portal
  8. It seems light can travel through portals...but can sound? If so it could open up some interesting possibilites.
  9. Cool! Do you use msn?
  10. I don't know if I've forgotten to change a setting or something, but I dont get the green arrows appear when there is a new post, what should i do? thanks EDIT: It seems to be fine now
  11. RPG

    Thanks for the comments - I'll bear them in mind!
  12. RPG

    Im working on an RPG in flash, once i get a bit more done I'll make it multiplayer. Im experimenting with the best way to do collisions at the moment which is why you can walk straight through the fishing shop! All comments (however harsh) are greatly appreciated, thanks ^^
  13. Wow, nice work! Im reasonable actionscipt, I may be able to help if there is something you need to do?