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  1. Lol I love em both but I especially love that giant robot from whatever movie or whatever that is just standing their. Then bearing its lazers. Then it starts playing that one song. Lol loves it.
  2. b-a-e-r_NL said: Neat-Nit said: JayGar said: Ido said: Hen7 said: EJMH said: I'd love to but it's telling me to install some crap. same here. I like using game maker, but I'm not really interested in instakking stuff. maybe some other time
  3. The noob's Tutorial Guide. (Shocky walls? Dont touch em.) 1. I can't tell you you must learn first then you'll know what im talking about.. 2. Shoot above the big block. Shoot below you. Hold down the right arrow. -> 3. Same thing as 2 X-sept twice. 4. Shoot the white area above the block and shoot one under you. Press -> 5. Shoot the wall to the right of you, Shoot slightly above that wall on the ceiling. Go through the blue portal, Land on the block. Place a portal under you. One on the top left side. If you did it right, After the second time you will make it over the block. Shoot one on the white ceiling near the door one under you. Go to exit. 6.Tricky. One on the ceiling blue one under you. That's right, Infinite loop. Place a yellow one when in mid-flight next to the blue one and press right. You should land on the floating block. place a blue one on the furthest right red circle while remaining on the block. Jump off and put a yellow one on the other circle. Press right. Go to exit. 7. Blue on red circle yellow on platform. Jump into blue. Fly to exit. Have fun. 8. Place blue on ground next to wall. Place on on first platform. Fly. Place another yellow on the next platform. Jump into the same blue. Repeat. hold down right the whole time. Welcome to level 9. 9. Repeat the high portal jump from level 6. Place yellow on the ground near the right wall near the exit. Blue on the left wall. Fly. 10. Blue in top right corner. one under you. Exit level. 16. These blue walls will not let you through them. Place portals on the other side. 18. These red walls let you through them. Not very smart though. Use the same tactics as on level 16. 19. Buttons are the Key Tool. Use portals to get on top of it. Turns on the platform. Get on. Go through portal. 21. The yellow balls. They hurt. Dont touch them. Put a portal in the balls path then one under its platform. Get to the exit. GO GO GO!!!!!! 25. These cubes. Are good. Portal one over to the button. GO Gooo GO! 27. BOXES REDS BALLS DOORS EVERYTHING! USE TACTICS TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH! 29. turrets. Bad! Pick up from behind or portal em. Its fun actually. But they will shoot you to death if you go in front of them. This has been the tutorial on everything you need to know about portal.
  4. Lets see... Level 24 right? Shoot a portal above the wall to the right and one under you, Dont get hit by the ball. Press 'R' to erase portals. SHoot a portal under the ball and then wait for it to go up. Once it is hurry and shoot one onto the wall through the right window thing. Go through. Shoot one on the ground. Get out of the way. It should go through. Go over the wall again. The door should have opened. Use the infinite loop to go really fast then shoot one on the white in the middle to the right. Go to the right some more. shoot a portal at the wall to the very right and then go through another one. Congratulations level 24 is complete.
  5. Ido said: (Let's hope Valve won't sue us for that though) EJMH said: Have you heard anything from Valve at any point about this? You credit them lots, and if anything it has increased sales. I've never played the actual portal but after playing this I would love to if my computer wasn't a piece of crap. Yeah, I mean I didn't really think about getting Portal but then I played this. So if anything they can't sue. If they do lets petition against it.
  6. Lol. Yeah. Everyone's played it by now.
  7. I clog me portals. I have no screen shot but I made one entire half side full of cubes and the other half side half full of turrets. I put blue under cubes and yellow above turrets. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG.
  8. One in antartica. One just above the O-ZONE. One in my room. One on the computer chair. I don't know why. Fast? It's those darn stairs.. One in the sink one above my cat XD Naw she loves water. Not My male cat though.... One on the under side of a plane. The other I would decide once I made it to the furniture store. Raining Futons! Nooo.. Pet shop... Raining cats and dogs. Then I would poof them back. Cause I love animals.. One at the library one on the front door. Walk through the door, REad some books. Walk home in a single step. One be in between the home base and pitchers pad thingy at wrigley field. I would then put one in front of my tv. Turn to espn, And fly into the field. Scare the players. They used to be good. Now they ain't. One on an IMAX Screen and one in my back yard. Spray all those people watching 3d movies. That's all. May thing of more.
  9. Use it wisely. I WANT TO BE IN THE CREDITS! Naw. It'd be nice though.
  10. That's him? I found him like five times didn't know who it was. But yeah in the window thing he walks by. do noclip and go near him. TAke a screenshot. Enjoy it. Tophillious said: SupaJedi said: theone599 said: gman- yes, you can find him, visualy, in this game... (???)I found him! hes on lv16 in the window area (he walks by fast) nice find! good job
  11. They already have that silly. Portalproof. If it says portalproof disabled you can do it like anywhere. except for the blue funny walls and the red funny walls. The shocky things though. You can make ports on those. yanno360 said: Can you make a command to be able to make portals everywhere, meaning on the darker walls!
  12. My fav thing to do is just go noclip go in a tiny room with a turret and spam up the createbox. Oh yeah. I call this the 100 cups of coffe command. Type in gravity 10000 But AFTER AFTER AFTER you start the level. And you can kinda float. But not really. You shake a lot though. And dancing looks funny.