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  1. I got the same problem as Xharock. I didn't bother trying to go in since last time I tried that I either got sent back to the entrance or died. Also, glitch done in level 38 using createbox: Created box under open door, closed door, box teleported over to the top of the door. Even if I opened the door again, it wouldn't come down. EDIT: Again in level 39.
  2. You know, if you gave a bunch of people a Portal Gun, the world would probably be destroyed within 15 minutes. Or at least a few casualties. Some idiot is going to flood the world with the oceans. Or teleport a school to space. Or make a portal on the ceiling , one directly below it, and jumpt into it [and burst into flame after a few cycles]. Or something. I would probably just carry around a foldable large piece of paper. Put a portal on it, fold, put in backpack, voila, portable door to wherever you want. You'd need to go to the actually destination and plant a portal there first, but whatever. Actually, better than a foldable piece of paper, put it inside your coat. ...I wonder what happens if you put portal1 inside your stomach, and then jump into portal2.