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  1. There are a Wiki-site somewhere. Search for the site's name + Wiki and you'll probably find it. It contains instructions. BTW: Forget those ID numbers, they change while you are reading...
  2. b-a-e-r_NL said: that saves the whole page and not only the swf-file ...!? Didn't you notice the .swf in the end of the URL? It saves only the .swf (flash) file, and that's the way I downloaded it.
  3. I'm going to check it out, I like sci-fi a bit.
  4. The easiest way *EVER* to download it is this: 1: Right click there --> 2: Choose "Save target as" or something that sounds similiar. 3: Choose where to put it. 4: Open it with your browser or a stand-alone flash player. 5: Play.
  5. Tophillious said: I gots locked out ?.? How did you do that!?
  6. <-- There's the link.
  7. Hasen-Nobi said: ...I wonder what happens if you put portal1 inside your stomach, and then jump into portal2. Your feet would be the first to pop out in your stomach, then your legs (and your stomach will be ripped apart), and then portal 2 would go inside portal 1 and you would destroy the entire universe.
  8. Foamy said: Don't we already have this thread? Not 100% screenshots thread. Only "post screen shots of bugs" or "level 0 creations". This is for everything that might be fun. Extreme glitch - I don't know how, but somehow I got stuck inside the blue wall, and when I jumped I was on the oother side of the wall. ... tchjv9.png[/u]
  9. FAQ

    Nyubis said: you said i could host this game on my website, but how am i supposed to do that?? Here's the direct link to the flash file (that can be found in the source code of the page): Just right click on the link and choose whatever option there may be that reminds you of downloading/saving a file from a link. Otherwise you can click on it to play portal in full HD before you save it by choosing "save page as" in "archive" in the browser's menu. Or something like that. When the flash (.swf) file is on your PC, all you have to do is to upload it to (almost) wherever you my want to upload it.
  10. Here's one that may look like a bug/glitch, I named it "burned on the floor": ... oortt8.png Dancing in the air: ... airng0.png Post your own screenshots here!