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  1. Maybe it's possible with this : http://labs.wiicade....mote/index.html
  2. Three days ago I did one thing. I recorded A Retarded Movie 2 with CamStudio, turned it into 3GP, and uploaded into my mobilephone. Result = Even more IQ loss. So I thinked if I should show this stuff to you too. Just download this file and upload it into your mobilephone : http://matoking.ceeg...ardedmovie2.3GP (Right Click + Save As...) Some of those small texts are not readable and sound quality at beginning is somewhat bad. Sorry for those, it's more like about my computer and mobilephones of people. If I get some good feedback, I might even record first one, but problem is that it has just more small text, making understanding whole thing even harder than this one. ANYWAYS, ENJOY! Requirements : - Your mobilephone is compatible with 3GP (really most are) - Your mobilephone has 9212 KB free space