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  1. I'm the one who can make GLaDOS voices!
  2. randomhero_1 said: so you want to give people heart attacks? ok then !! lol I did actually say 'Temporary' and people don't have to hear it?
  3. randomhero_1 said: im not taking credit or anything but i fixed the "jump thing" for you! OH and i added a more echo kinda thing!? umm just see for yourself (im just trying to help out!) The jump thing is meant to be there, it is a temporary soultion until i can get effects to work!
  4. randomhero_1 said: yea.... i can hear to much voice! make it more Roboty.... lol but its still awesome! Read the first post and you will see I can't get the effects to work!
  5. daraven said: Foamy said: Try filling the room with boxes that's fun. hey with all this talk about mucking around with level 0 i think it would be possibe to use the portal engine to make a garry's mod TFV dont you think? Yes but that would be a fuckload of modelling and coding for cars, not to mention it would have loads of bugs and will constantly be needed to update! Cars will be hard to do and also a monster machine would be required to run it, probaly! Real Garry's Mod> Flash Garry's Mod!
  6. b-a-e-r_NL said: the image tag doesn't work. I'm gonna do it like this. my comic is here: heh, that must be all right Have no fear, Shoop Da Whoop is here
  7. Ido said: That's very cool! That's the old version, I did a new version a couple of weeks ago with more effects but I still can't get the pitch editor to work! Update:(HERE) Actually I was thinking of making some for PORTAL:TFV!
  8. hexpunK said: WTF turrets have mouths now! It's a comic.....
  9. I'm experimenting with stuff to create a GLaDOS voice, also if it works, I can do different voices and such for people a male GLaDOS and a female GLaDOS! Edit: I've done the base and I just need to do the effects If I can get the stupid editing program to save! So far (Not Much):(HERE)
  10. Thanks, maybe I'll do some more but the next will be in Photoshop as MSPAINT makes the text look ugly!
  11. Post some funny made comic strips from Portal:TFV! Here is a quick one I made (I had to do text in MSPAINT since I couldn't get photoshop to work) Comic: I hope to see yours
  12. Hello, this portal flash version is great and inspired me to make a version which includes some other features and commands What I'm wondering is that if I'm allowed, I'm looking for a developer to give me permission to carry this out (I wont release it if this is what your wondering, unless I'm allowed!) So could a developer reply and say if I am allowed P.S Is this mod open-source?