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  1. Does what it says on the tin but to waste time GO MOUSE EATING DANCING BANANA oh and please dont spam
  2. I was exploring the internet one day when i came across this funny game its like a life simulator where you are invited to a party and have to sort out a couples relationship Believe me its really funny. Download Link http://games.softpedia.com/progDownload/Facade-Download-7707.html You get a script of what happened after the game and it comes out with pretty funny stuff Heres one of mine FACADE STAGEPLAY Wed Jul 29 13 11 39 2009 TRIP Where are the new wine glasses? GRACE What for? TRIP That should be obvious! GRACE Oh God, Trip, don't turn this into a big production, please! TRIP Jesus Grace, come on, I'm not asking a lot here! GRACE What -- Trip, don't give me that look! GRACE You're going to drive me crazy! (Trip opens the front door.) TRIP Walter!! TRIP Hey! I thought I heard someone out here! God it's been so long since we've seen you! -- (interrupted) WALTER im early TRIP Uh... TRIP Well come on in... -- (interrupted) WALTER hi TRIP W -- well, heh, come in! TRIP Uh, let me go get Grace... (WALTER knocks on the front door.) (WALTER closes the front door.) TRIP (unintelligable arguing) TRIP (unintelligable arguing) -- (interrupted) GRACE No, no, here we are! GRACE Walter, GRACE Hi! How are you? Oh it's so nice to see you, it feels like it's been forever! WALTER excuse me can i use the phone? GRACE Uh... GRACE Well, anyway... make yourself at home... (WALTER sits on the couch.) (WALTER gets up from the couch.) WALTER glass sculptures (WALTER picks up a trinket 6.) PHONE ** RING ** TRIP Oh, I'll get it -- (WALTER puts down a trinket 6.) PHONE ** RING ** GRACE No, no, we have a guest, we can let the answering -- (interrupted) (WALTER picks up the phone.) PHONE Grace? Hello? GRACE Walter, no! Please don't do that. WALTER hi PHONE Who is this? Grace is that you? GRACE Uhh, it's my dad, I can hear his voice. PHONE I don't recognize your voice... TRIP Oh! PHONE Excuse me, I must have the wrong number... ** click ** WALTER yeah im fucking her GRACE Okay, he's being annoying, as usual... just -- just hang it up. (WALTER puts down the phone.) GRACE Oh, good, you hung up. I can call him back later, or in a few days, heh. TRIP I wanted to say hello -- GRACE No no, Trip, we're entertaining a friend in our new apartment... GRACE the last thing I want to do is talk to my parents. WALTER i wanna talk GRACE W -- well, no, talking about my parents is just going to frustrate me. GRACE Yes, you can help me understand where I went wrong with my new decorating, ha ha. WALTER lol TRIP Well hold on, hold on, take a closer look, give it a chance to soak in a little. WALTER GRACE So, about my decorating... GRACE Uhh, you know, I've been collecting these little glass sculptures for God knows -- (interrupted) WALTER XD GRACE Oh, well... GRACE (frustrated sigh) So I've been collecting all these sculptures... GRACE but now whenever I look at them, I suddenly get such a... such a... headache! WALTER can i eat now? TRIP Oh, yeah, I'm gonna fix us some drinks in a sec! TRIP Good news, I just fully loaded the bar, with the real quality stuff... only the best for my guests. GRACE I bet I can return most of this, and start over again on this room... -- (interrupted) WALTER yeah it would make a good change TRIP Well, it's funny how after a full day's work designing magazine ads, Grace finds the time to decorate... and re-decorate... GRACE Ha ha, uhh, I guess it's just the artist in me dying to get out. -- (interrupted) WALTER yeah trip GRACE Uhh! TRIP See, Grace, as always, you're the only one unhappy with your decorating. GRACE Uhh... right, I know, I'll never be satisfied with it, I shouldn't get so obsessed about it, it's just 'not worth it'. WALTER your the best trip TRIP Huh, oh, well -- GRACE Ah it's good to see you two getting along so well. WALTER your great trip (WALTER hugs trip.) TRIP Oh, -- (interrupted) WALTER i love you that much GRACE God... you're really laying it on thick tonight! GRACE You know what... I'll be right back. TRIP Grace, sweetie, wait -- GRACE No, no, stay put, I'll just be in the kitchen. TRIP (frustrated sigh) WALTER and i love you grace (WALTER kisses grace.) GRACE What? Oh... GRACE Walter, GRACE I... GRACE (big sigh) GRACE Look, maybe you should just go back to the living room... uhh... WALTER I LOVE YOU ALL!!! (WALTER comforts trip.) GRACE Walter, GRACE I can't... WALTER im a bit drunk GRACE I'm... GRACE I'm going back to the living room. GRACE Everything's fine, Trip, everything's fine. TRIP Yeah, yeah, everything's fine! WALTER hi WALTER I love you trip TRIP Oh, Walter, I thought you might like this photo I just put up from our recent trip to Italy. GRACE Uhh, it's a beautiful picture of the Italian countryside, of course he'll like it! TRIP Grace, I know you don't like it, but our friend might. WALTER i love you grace and trip WALTER can i have some wine? TRIP Yeah, hang on, ooh, I'm going to make you one of my fabulous drinks in just a minute, heh! GRACE Uhh, Walter, please don't encourage him. WALTER i won't GRACE Walter, this is making you uncomfortable. -- (interrupted) TRIP No, n - no -- I just -- I just wanted us to spend time together! WALTER i just want a drink GRACE Walter, we get the point, you can stop it with the praise already! WALTER im drunk enough GRACE If I hear one more reference to alcohol tonight, I'm going to be worshipping the porcelain god. GRACE (frustrated sigh) WALTER what god? TRIP So... drinks... TRIP This is great... For us I'm going to open an amazing, I mean, exquisite Bordeaux. WALTER all of it please TRIP Best of -- (interrupted) TRIP Perfect! Ooh, you're going to love this. TRIP Top of the line, very rare, very difficult to acquire -- GRACE God Trip, you are such a wine snob. Just like my dad. WALTER im going to get really drunk TRIP I'll take that as a compliment. Walter, what do you say? GRACE No no, GRACE Walter, maybe you'd like some juice, or a mineral water? TRIP Yeah, no, we need to open this wine! Our friend is here, we're going to enjoy ourselves, that's all there is to it! WALTER jack daniels GRACE (frustrated sigh) TRIP I've been dying to try this Bordeaux for a long time, this is the perfect opportunity -- GRACE That's not our anniversary wine is it? WALTER bordeaux GRACE That's not the Bordeaux we saved from our wedding, that we were going to drink on our tenth wedding anniversary, RIGHT?! TRIP Whoops. WALTER i can have it? TRIP Ahh, this is bullshit! GRACE Ahh, no, you're full of shit! (WALTER picks up the advice ball.) (The advice ball reads, "Could Be") GRACE Our anniversary wine! WALTER LOL! GRACE Huh? What are you saying to me? GRACE Sometimes I feel like our whole marriage is just for show! I don't know what you really -- (interrupted) WALTER This is so funny GRACE Okay, yeah, I hear you, alright? TRIP (little impatient sigh) Walter, can you believe this? WALTER want this? TRIP (frustrated sigh) GRACE And you... GRACE I can predict what you'll say... WALTER yes its reality GRACE You've been critical of me all evening! WALTER yes you have GRACE Our anniversary wine! GRACE You so desperately want to be high class! So badly! TRIP Oh, Jesus...! WALTER i love the wine GRACE Okay, you know what, Walter, GRACE I need to ask you something. TRIP Grace -- GRACE Trip, let me ask our guest a question. GRACE Walter, yes or no... WALTER anything for the girl GRACE If there was a thing about yourself you didn't like, but your husband or wife likes it, is it still okay to hide it? (WALTER puts down the advice ball.) TRIP What? GRACE I mean, if your spouse _likes_ something about you, that you don't like, are you allowed to hide that? GRACE Yes or no. WALTER Yes GRACE What...?! WALTER yes GRACE Oh, okay... fine... GRACE Trip, I can't take this denial anymore... You're suppressing yourself, you're so... fake! I hate it! TRIP Oh, Christ...! TRIP Uhh! Yeah, go on, get away from me! TRIP I can't even frigging look at you. TRIP Oh... Shit! WALTER When do we get to the fun part TRIP What are you saying? What? GRACE What? Are you talking to me? (WALTER sits on the couch.) TRIP I was not talking to you! TRIP Walter, this is not normal, this has never happened. WALTER she is a idiot TRIP uhh... -- (interrupted) (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE Walter, (annoyed sigh) Trip is just so... TRIP Oh, we're talking about me again, are we? GRACE What? WALTER no GRACE Walter, it's time that Trip finally just admits that our marriage -- TRIP Grace, don't, no, you don't need to -- GRACE Admits that our marriage is not -- TRIP Stop it, stop it! (annoyed sigh) (WALTER sits on the couch.) WALTER why can't we make out? GRACE Uhh...! God...! GRACE What... I just... GRACE Look, let's not focus on just me or you, let's talk about us. GRACE Trip, can't you see, it's the way you speak, the way you talk to me...! TRIP What, I'm not allowed to be angry? -- (interrupted) WALTER i want to talk about me. TRIP See, I'm the one trying to reach out to you, Grace... GRACE Uhh... GRACE Let's keep talking about us, our relationship. -- (interrupted) WALTER what about your parents GRACE Uhh, my parents... uhh, they're the worst... they really screwed me up... TRIP Oh give me a break! They spoiled you! GRACE (frustrated sigh) TRIP No, look, Grace, your parents are generous, successful, respectable -- GRACE Uncaring, selfish, in their own little country club world... they're pathetic, really... WALTER do the parents know your upset? TRIP Aha! GRACE Walter, you're saying I'm... depressed? GRACE I miss painting. TRIP Huh? GRACE It's an ache, deep down. -- (interrupted) WALTER yes you do GRACE Yes? (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE Walter, oh, see, it helps just to be able to tell you this. TRIP (frustrated sigh) WALTER look i know what to do TRIP Let's continue focusing on Grace. GRACE Trip, it's your fault -- ten years ago, freshly married and just out of college, WALTER yeah GRACE you convinced me to go into advertising, instead of art! TRIP What? GRACE If it weren't for you, I could be a real artist by now. WALTER how old are you trip TRIP Uhh... -- (interrupted) GRACE How? TRIP Thank you. Grace, you wanted a real job -- at the time, you told me you didn't want to paint anymore! You said that! GRACE Uhh... TRIP Look, let's talk about us both, not just one of us. TRIP Walter, you think this is all my fault, don't you? GRACE See, you lied to me from the moment we got married, insisted I'd be better off in advertising than art. TRIP What? Oh, Jesus...! (WALTER sits on the couch.) TRIP TRIP Walter, do you agree with that crap? -- (interrupted) WALTER can we get drunk now TRIP Walter, come on, I don't feel like fixing drinks at this moment! WALTER ok GRACE Let's keep the focus on us, our relationship. GRACE Walter, you -- you blame me for all this, don't you? WALTER no TRIP See, Grace, you're the one turning this into such a big issue. -- (interrupted) TRIP No? GRACE Oh, thank God you disagree, that really helps us! TRIP Uhh, okay, look, if I didn't save you, I definitely helped you... TRIP And at the time, you were happy for that! GRACE Uhh... WALTER are you guys happy with your life? GRACE Uhh, Walter, you know, we already talked about that... (frustrated sigh) WALTER so where is the bed? GRACE Look, let's not focus on just me or you, let's talk about us. GRACE What makes me the most angry, Trip, is what you took away from me. TRIP What? GRACE I wasted ten years in this marriage, making advertisements, and redecorating -- (interrupted) WALTER I see.. GRACE Yes? TRIP You're angry?! I -- it -- it's statements like this that make me furious!! TRIP Uhh... TRIP Jesus... should I just leave? Do you just want me to leave, huh? WALTER then stop arguing and make love TRIP Uhh... GRACE Let's talk some more about us, our relationship. GRACE Damn it, Trip, you and my parents are always planning these stupid trips I have to go on.. TRIP They're vacations! Expensive ones at that! GRACE Of course nobody thinks to ask me what I want. WALTER i want to go on a vacation! TRIP I tried to give Grace the best during our Italy vacation. The best hotels, the best food... GRACE Do you hear yourself, Trip? The only thing you care about a vacation is that it's 'the best'. TRIP Ugh! WALTER the worst has maggots TRIP No? TRIP See Grace? There's no problem. GRACE Trip, don't you... Uhh, what's the use. TRIP Look, let's talk about us both, not just one of us. GRACE Trip, you just pretend to like all this stuff... fancy cigars, and fine wine... WALTER some people don't have wine! GRACE God, Walter, can we just stop talking about Trip's stuff, please? -- (interrupted) GRACE (frustrated sigh) WALTER lets talk about grace's stuff (WALTER gets up from the couch.) TRIP Ah! GRACE Walter, you're saying I'm... not communicative? GRACE No, that's just wrong, I'm the one here who is able to actually say things... (WALTER sits on the couch.) (WALTER gets up from the couch.) (WALTER sits on the couch.) GRACE Okay, that's it, goddammit, I can't do this anymore! GRACE Walter, I know what you're trying to hint at... GRACE about us... WALTER what? GRACE about art... GRACE No, Walter, please, please, let me finish! GRACE Do you really want the honest truth? Huh? WALTER let me finish GRACE Walter, are you ready for that? WALTER yes GRACE Trip? TRIP Yes...! GRACE Walter, I've actually been paying close attention to what you've been saying tonight. WALTER good GRACE Walter, Stop interrupting me, let me speak! GRACE You've been pushing me tonight. GRACE And I wonder, are -- are you really my friend...? WALTER no i have not TRIP Grace! WALTER yes i am GRACE Walter, I've got to ask you -- yes or no... GRACE Do you really think that... GRACE flirting with me... GRACE praising Trip... GRACE criticizing me... GRACE flirting with Trip... GRACE telling me I'm depressed... GRACE telling me I'm not communicative... GRACE and what you said about hiding things from your spouse... GRACE that we'll somehow realize something about our marriage? GRACE Is all of that arguing intended to mean something, or... GRACE Is it? I just want a yes or a no. WALTER no GRACE No? Oh, well... I'm surprised you say that, I thought it did. GRACE Trip, I -- GRACE I let you stop me from being an artist. TRIP You let me -- GRACE I was afraid, Trip okay? WALTER i think i sorted everything out. GRACE I -- I admit it. (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE I didn't know if -- if I could do it, be a real artist... GRACE And I've been using you as an excuse for why I didn't do it. GRACE uhh... (WALTER sits on the couch.) TRIP uhh... TRIP Jesus...! GRACE Wait, Walter, Trip, there's more... WALTER jesus TRIP More? GRACE I painted this. TRIP Bullshit. (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE I am an artist, Trip, fuck you. TRIP You've been secretly painting? When -- GRACE Everytime you go on a goddamn business trip, I paint. WALTER good painting (WALTER sits on the couch.) TRIP Jesus -- GRACE So don't EVER give me any more of your 'you could never be an artist' crap!! (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE uhh... TRIP uhh... WALTER she can be a artist and she is TRIP Jesus...! TRIP Walter, I, uhh... TRIP This changes everything... (WALTER sits on the couch.) GRACE Yes, it does change everything. (WALTER gets up from the couch.) GRACE I think it's over. TRIP Grace, what -- GRACE No!! WALTER then fuck me! GRACE It's over, Trip, don't you see that? (WALTER kisses grace.) TRIP Wha... y -- you just told me -- GRACE I just told you something about us I should have said a long time ago: (WALTER kisses grace.) GRACE I've been using you as an excuse to not be an artist... WALTER i fucked her (WALTER kisses grace.) GRACE And no, Walter, please... (WALTER kisses grace.) GRACE And about me... (WALTER kisses grace.) (WALTER kisses grace.) GRACE I am an artist -- but y -- you can't see that. GRACE And no, Walter, please, it's okay... TRIP Grace, I -- GRACE No, Trip, this about me, and it's about us, but it's not about you... WALTER i love you grace TRIP Not about me...? Hey, no, wait! WALTER i love you grace! GRACE Walter, I'm sorry. But thank you, you -- you really helped me. (WALTER kisses grace.) TRIP Grace! (Grace opens the front door.) (Grace closes the front door.) TRIP Grace!! WALTER see you later! TRIP Jesus Christ... (WALTER kisses trip.) TRIP I should have told her that... TRIP I -- I could have told her that... WALTER i love to kiss
  3. Ido said: WHAT THE FUCK the next time you detail about that, Hen, you're getting banned for a week. How's that for a bullshit thread. Whats so bad about him describing his diarrhea? Oh god not again...
  4. VerdeFlash said: Here's a spoiler from Left 4 Dead that Hen and Ido snuck in when they infiltrated Valve to steal their voodoo idols: P.S. I need to resize this - EDIT: DONE P.P.S. Hee hee that guy's name is Bubba the Love Sponge P.P.P.S. I won this one I do believe. Damn Right Son!
  5. TheNoiseExplosion said: .eXeC! said: Well you'll see it on the walls of NH2. So have fun playing. -.-, if that's true, I'll take my chances and not play NH2. I Think...Im going to...Barf...
  6. Hen7 said: It's a marketing trick, believe me, this shit is alive. ...No Dukem Nukem Forever was stupid. A Stupid game about,big guns,aliens (weird ass ones by that.) and strippers.
  7. the title says it all,Again. Dancing banana time!
  8. NeatNit said: Half-Life 2: The Flash Version was out before Half-Life 2. It's called Codename: Gordon. That's the best you're ever gonna get. Agreed.
  9. NeatNit said: Patacorow said: HELP! _________________ NOT ^Fail. On topic, I'm in the beginning of the space stage and believe I will be stuck there for a long time. Same Only I Care About My Creations
  10. Cyber said: They Already Made HL2: TFV It just wasn't made by WCS. It's called Path of Freeman, but it wasn't as good as Portal: TFV It Was not good it was realllllllllly bad
  11. I Would When I Steal The Cake I Would Invent a time machine and go back to prehistoric times to confuse cavemen.
  12. dalek22 said: Nightmare house will come out soon.. ye just have to be patient. In 1 Million Years Time Maybe.
  13. Pointless Subject Really.
  14. Stange people are even stranger when they play portal with inverted colors
  15. then it shall be called the MoviePlayStation 3 ( or not so 3 ) ( any way we are straying from topic.)
  16. Why dont you update Portal TFV with stuff like guns and new levels and loads of easter eggs and console commands? but only in little bits
  17. Hen7 said: I was joking. And no, no sequel for the TFV MapPack, Like Ido always says, I ate enough cake. heh heh than in half life 2 will be like I Ate Enough Bullets and NH2 I Ate Enough Brains
  18. FullMetalBoy said: Nah, I'm done now. All this fuss now around Diablo 3 makes me wanna play Diablo 2 now even more. i dont blame you the 3rd diablo is awesome
  19. i would steal cakes with my portal gun
  20. if it doesnt work in my terms is crap
  21. This is so easy just sing the song and change the words that rhyme with other stuff
  22. Kids were born to peep there pants while playing alone in the dark 5
  23. i am certainly not a fan of firefox it shits up on me
  24. EA created sims and sims 2 play that before you go saying its all going to be crap. Then you will realise the true beauty of this game.. what the hell did i just say
  25. I would nearly kill myself loads of times while singing the banana phone song HEHEHE!!