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  1. I caught it, i just didn't post until now.
  2. jon said: I'm glad I could play this game for free because now I know I shouldn't buy the game/Orange box from Valve, cause this game wasn't that much fun /Jon So you're basing your opinion on game on your impression of a flash version of the game that is only similar in the story and the fact that it uses portals. That makes a lot of sense. Tard.
  3. aracon said: you know what? I think there should be a command to disable the red lasers and another command to disable the blue fields orrr you could just do noclip.
  4. b-a-e-r_NL said: attheshows said: cool that looks like part of the game! that's the point if glados would actuallt be in portal TFV, how should you beat her and what voice would she have? fun questions It'd probably be the same as the actual game.
  5. There. Happy? lol.
  6. The cowbell is a lie.
  7. Hah! I found it.
  8. Shazam:
  9. I'm working on a portal animation right now. It takes a while to do these.
  10. Just a few that i made (on pivot):
  11. I'm not sure if I'm offended or amused. On one hand, that's not how all Americans view the world, but on the other hand, there are enough idiots in this country that think like that to make that somewhat true.
  12. Assassin's Creed is AWESOME.
  13. browsing the interweb
  14. Well actually the reason why it wont work is because my comp happens to have one of the video cards that doesn't work for half life 2. D=
  15. Gah i wish my comp was enough to play HL2. I even got Garry's Mod (and it didn't work). D'=
  16. lol, overreaction much?
  17. And I'm back. Thanks for the info.