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  1. H0l3 5h1t! I don't know how that halo guy comes up with that weird type text.
  2. EJMH said: Everyone has their own lives on top of the time it takes to develop a game. Most people have schoolcollegeuniversitywork to deal with for the majority of a day, plus a social life. All right I'll take it The waiting shall proceed.
  3. Hey WTF! People I know it can take years to make a game and I'll wait forever to play this one but somehtings gotta give. If you guys need any help with making this video game then just say the word tell me what to learn and then give me some work cause I'll do anything to speed up the process. Your's truly Dude
  4. Hey guys...when is this game gonna be finished?
  5. Oh my freakin god you have to expand the story with this ghost chick. I just finished the remake please put some backstory to the ghosts that your gonna put in here. I think the idea should be as follows: On one cold stormy night (just for the sake of cheesyness) a series of murders took place. The killer was hence forth condemned to be haunted by these ghosts forever and so relives each and every on of these mass killings in his dreams and in the eternal hell he condemned himself to. so every time he visits these places in his mind he has to go through with killing the ghosts. It's in his nature, a supernatural force isdriving him. and maybe latter you can get someone to save him. But thats expanding the story for latter on. Im just saying why not. If you guys keep making mods like this you should totaly go the extra mile and get some voice actors to do some dialouge even an epilouge in the beggining would suffice. Thy're just too good of mods to go without story and I can help you plenty there. e mail me for more info at [email protected] or visit my my-space at ''. thanks for making such a kick ass mod I'm gonna study for a while. By the way I noticed that some places were not as intuitive as others suchas the trap door in the attic. If you were to put a handle on the door or something people will get the incentive to 'open' it and not unoad an entire clip of shotgun shells at it or use pointless explosives on it (like I did). and in the basement there the boards that are supposed to be used to climb up the stairs. If they were made of metal my brother 9however dumb) might have spent a couple minutes trying to break the damn boards. And the wall you had to axe down was not noticible enough until you passed it a couple times. I like the atention to minute details but people are not gonna search for minor diffrences in texture detail till they have played the game a couple of times. On the other hand when I did find out the way it was all very gratifying and made me and surely many other players feel smart. the only one I would really complain about was the trap door in the attic. Thanks again ttul.
  6. Which game is this and where did you find it, I'd like to try it?
  7. Hey thanks that really helped. THIS MOD ROCKS!
  8. Hey guys. I'm Mario and I would like to know how you created the weapons and such so I may attempt my own mods every once in a while. I actually have a srong idea for one and I'm hoping people will like the demo. Lead me to a source.
  9. My computer can't find the right program to open this rar file with. I downloaded it and my computer doesn't recognize what kind of program to run it with and I have no clue why can anyone help.
  10. Hey man what did you use to make it?
  11. Play a bit of bio shock and then some other high metascored games. Some good ones: 1. Bioshock 2. Condemned (yeah it wasn't above 9.0 on gamespot but it was good) 3. System shock 2 (real cheap) 4. DOOM 3 (real cheap on xbox: collectors edition $20) 5. HL2 - "We don't go to Ravenholm" (although it's not a game based on fear HL2 had some really pressure suspense frightening portions to it. Many that I know thought Raven holm and the man hack tunnels in the first few levels were really scary, myself not included. Episode one actually has good comentary for that sort of stuff.) 6. F.E.A.R. - real good. These might 'inspire' you, or just get rid of the block of creativity. some hints or techniques which induce fear or panick within the player. 1. To hear something you cannot see 2. To see a glimpse of something run away from you in the general direction of you goal. ( HL2-E2 first glimpse of the hunter) 3. To have someone pop up behind you after nothing interesting happens, and keep the enemy npc from killing you until it is in your feild of veiw. (Bioshock special dentist office area.) 4. A very lethal looking beast jump at you but scripted to not kill you or die in some way before he does. 5. A dark vent HL-1 and some small but potentially deadly creature. Hope it helps can't wait to play it.
  12. I need to know what's good and new and cheap for flash aniators. I'm a new to the 2d animation feild and I don't know where to get a good flash animator. If anyone can help me out here please do. If I don't find out where to get a downloadable flash animator I'm gonna die. think about that.