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  1. that looks like pivot!
  2. I have tested it and it seems it would work! it loads to 100% but the box animation dosent appear and the play button wont appear either also the size is a bid dodgy but i think it could be possible i think you should try and optimize portal to play on the wii as well
  3. ill make the guide in english
  4. thats your pc not the game
  5. shoot one into the sky and one on the floor to see what there! mabe another one infront of a tv in australa and one on my wall in the uk see into the future! one infront of pc one on wall by my bed pc in bed wooo! above my teachers head one on floor next to me and drop things in to it!
  6. create a speed # command that alters the speed of the little man so he can run faster! 1-100 1 being super slow 50 being default and 100 being super fast