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  1. lol best movie ive ever seen!!!!!! One question: What does the Lolcopter say when it rus out of gas, and also when it falls?
  2. Akario said: Lets see... Level 24 right? Shoot a portal above the wall to the right and one under you, Dont get hit by the ball. Press 'R' to erase portals. SHoot a portal under the ball and then wait for it to go up. Once it is hurry and shoot one onto the wall through the right window thing. Go through. Shoot one on the ground. Get out of the way. It should go through. Go over the wall again. The door should have opened. Use the infinite loop to go really fast then shoot one on the white in the middle to the right. Go to the right some more. shoot a portal at the wall to the very right and then go through another one. Congratulations level 24 is complete. Okay I have a much easier, less stressful way of doing this level. Once you get to the ball, avoid it. Close both portals ®. Shoot one through the window. , and one under you. Close both portals. Center yourself under the orange thing, and shoot a portal under you. Shoot one through the window again. Now shoot the color you just shot under the ball. You have more space and time to move away from the ball, you won't die.
  3. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but either in this, or a new game, there should be a GLAdoS level.
  4. ok, better idea. When shees sleeping, ill shoot one on the inside of her boxers. yes she wears boxers.
  5. I'd also shoot one at my GF's pussy, and one at the wall next to my bed. This way, I can fuck her whenever I want!
  6. I call this one the Ultimate Back Scratcher!!! 1. Find yourself a narrow area (Walk-in closet, bathroom, etc.) 2. Shoot 1 portal in front of you, and 1 in back. 3. Reach your hand through the portal and enjoy. Also, if this were possible in the game, if you were to open up to portals, move in to the orange portal slightly so that ONLY the gun goes through, and you shoot another orange portal, what would happen? Would you lose your gun?
  7. K, this was sort of mentioned before, but I'm adding to it. Steps: 1. Put a portal at NASA and another under you. 2. Jack all th space gear you can. 3. Close the portals. 4. Shoot one portal at a portable item (such as paper, or a briefcase, etc.) and another at a satellite. 5. Attach the portal gun and a SUPER SCOPE to the satellite using your space gear. 6. Return home. 7. Locate the controller of that satellite, and shoot a portal (via satellite) through your garage window or something. 8. Voila. Using your scope, portal gun, and portable portal, you can now travel anywhere you want, with the few clicks of a button. Also, wouldn't it suck if you did that whole 100000feet in the air crap, and without you realizing, you shot a portal under oncoming traffic, and when you shot the momentum portal on the ground, kaploink, your dead.