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  1. Bitch all up in my monitors. God damn you just reminded me how much I could use a second one for mapping. Also come on ladies, where I come from, this thread would last a day, tops. are you just here cos FP is down Maybe /shiftyeyes Woah, how did I reach 400+ posts here.
  2. The Mistake of Pythagoras mod is a great one, it's well made, and has some absolute mindfucks of puzzles 9some bits are near impossible, I'm certain). It makes little sense, but has a awesome Telekinesis ability near the end that just destroys EVERYTHING.
  3. Bitch all up in my monitors. God damn you just reminded me how much I could use a second one for mapping. Also come on ladies, where I come from, this thread would last a day, tops.
  4. That website is a powerful thing I tell you, we don't fully comprehend the power of such a website yet.
  5. It depends on your CPU socket, and I can not remember what P4s' use for the life of me right now. And it also really depends on how old the motherboard is and how much power you can produce once again. If the motherboard is too old it will bottleneck the CPU, if the PSU is too weak it will blow and take your PC with it, which sucks. Also since when has there been a mobile theme? Works wonders on the iPhone MobileSafari.
  6. To be perfectly honest you will not see the biggest of improvements thanks to the P4 you have. Even if you bought a fairly badass card the P4 would bottleneck it beyond belief. Though, with your budget there are quite a few cards that would work well and could probably be transffered to another computer should you get one. Mainly the ATi Radeon HD 5750/ 5770 (depends on how much power your PSU can supply and how much you are willing to spend).
  7. I need to change my avatar, I think I have a good one backed up somehwere.
  8. Slightly worrying image, but badass at the same time
  9. is arguing with the Ubuntu installer

  10. My username was something I picked up years upon years ago, back when MSN names didn't need to have MSN Plus! installed to show up :V I got it from a nickname generator, it used your realname so I'm guessing it was literally one of a kind, this is the slightly sad part though, it was a hacker handle nickname generator from a popular MSN customization site. I thought it sounded cool and it's stuck ever since.
  11. An atheist is someone with the belief in an absence of god, not someone with an absence of belief in god. In other words, I consider my religious beliefs (i.e. what I believe about religion) to be atheist, I still consider that a religious belief. And I agree with what was said about Stem Cell research, although controversial how can something that could potentially save lives be a bad choice? It uses cells from aborted babies, but it's not like someone is saying "hey you lady, abort your kid so we can use it" it's if they've already made the choice. Hell, if I remember correctly it can also use the cells in the umbilical cord from a perfectly healthy birth. There really isn't much reason to oppose it other than the possiility it will make creating artificial life easier, which is a bit of a risky subject.
  12. It's actually interesting to see these around, I am a strong Atheist, but I will accept other peoples views and at least research religions before blurting out shit about them, but in my opinion it's the strong presence and enforcement of religion upon the newer generations that are slowly going to destroy anything we have made. In most countries where religion is big you will see very few children get the choice of following a religion or not, their parents will force whatever religion they believe upon this child, and that will be all the child knows, which is wrong. I can nuderstand it if the child is still young, but when they grow up and being to learn about other beliefs it's time to let them chose. I am not entirely against religion, do not get me wrong, people may gladly believe what they want, but when it gets in the way of progress (such as the persecution of scientists researching vital medical treatment in the form of Stem Cells), or social divides (extremists making their entire religion look bad, causing more hated), then I do have a problem with it. It's nice to see the Atheists and Agnostics actually making more of a presence, I had never seen any form of propaganda from them before. I can see the problems it will cause among the religious in the community, but they should just put up with it and deal with it, Athiest and Agnostics have done the same so for so long.
  13. I live, kind of. And I had stories, but I forgot them. If I remember them by tomorrow you are in luck.
  14. Yo' dawg we herd you liek missing membrinos.
  15. mitchsnell said: Hello guys.. If the sims 3 get leaked it is because poorness of there makers or publishers.. What do you think? We know EA suck as developers and publishers, and a leak this big is proof of that. Almost every Pc developer has a leak at some time though/ It teaches them to not mess up badly. VALVe had that famous HL2 leak, since then the closest I've seen in the Meet the Spy video leak, and a random bi tof information.