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  1. we got ourselves a new one last saturday, he used to be called sugar but that's not a name for a male animal, right? he's now called Zoef (pronounce zoof)
  2. zamzar is also a good conversion site: http://www.zamzar.com
  3. I uploaded this picture of him on my profile on FFR http://www.flashflas...olution.com/pro ... os/189416/
  4. around this time I play Flash Flash Revolution a lot, a really addicting rythm game. anyway, my guinea pig is doing fine now and I just put a little plushie husky in her cage. plushies help sometimes if rodents are lonely, I once read that in a newspaper
  5. I just went out in the yard and I saw that the blanket that was over the pets' cage for outside (so they can eat grass and stuff) has gone off because of the wind. this blanket was to provide shadow for our rabbit and our 2 guinea pigs. I walked up to put it back on and I saw one of the guinea pigs lie there on it's side. he was dead, just for a very short time... he was still warm, his eyes hadn't yet dehydrated and his body was weak. I know that when rodents are dead for about half an hour, they get stiff like wood, so Duke must just have died. I buried him 10 minutes ago. he was my brother's but he's not home right now. I'm sure he'll be shocked if he finds out. he always is. I was even shocked when I saw him lie there, and I don't easily get shocked by death. I hope my other guinea pig will survive, she's a bit weak but still breathing. I'll always remember you, duke.
  6. well, I know that the techno one from the war of the worlds scene is Are You Ready by Flashgigant ( flashgigant.newgrounds.com )
  7. OK, I"ll upload it some time, when that day comes I'll get the link in here as soon as I can EDIT: it's now at the top of the page, with a link to megaupload
  8. I agree so much with you
  9. yeah that's one of my favourites
  10. that was either spongebob becomes miss dimmsdale or spongebob's gay sale, which were both mine, but anyway, you have your own taste, I couldn't blame you actually
  11. I'll wait a week and then I'll try, I'm still able to have fun with other stuff, so I won't have to think of that EDIT: I just recieved a PM telling me it was banned. Magix is apparently an illegal program for NG because it produces under its own licence or something...
  12. it's called 'starting the party' but it's still awaiting approval, I checked the url just now. I didn't think that would last so long!
  13. why thanks I made some of them
  14. I got the same mail and it's still not online. the NG mods are lazy I guess
  15. http://www.newground...o/listen/131861 for now (when I'm posting this) it's still being queued for approval, I think it'll make it through, so go ahead and listen it when it's done! oh and please tell me what you think of it. I made this track with a very simple program, and even though I actually couldn't save or export it, I've been able to do both with barely any trouble. EDIT: NG banned it, you can now get it here: http://www.megauploa.../nl/?d=MXHL2E3A