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  1. Nice job personally I didn't even realize that OB came with a level editor...I should have assumed it, most games do. When these maps come out, I''ll download if I'm ever on my supercomp (I'm on mah laptop that has a whopping 6 gigabites of memory total! ) One word-like-thing: Pwnage. (introduce the gman!!!) EDIT: I can also play portal with about 47 fps with hdr and max model and texture detail...but I'm grounded from said supercomputer. so maybe when I'm not I could beta test, cause I know how to kill a game violently...don't ask what I did to hl2...*cough*I went black mesa on their asses*cough*
  2. It's also on >_>
  3. FAQ

    I can't seem to get it onto my website for the love of me. I've tried php, swf, css, html, etc. Nothing appears after I upload the source code onto freewebs. the box and the links and text are there, but the game doesn't appear.