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  1. Thanks OZ for sending me this. I would love to, if I can manage the time zones fine of course.
  2. Goddamn WMG, for some stupid raisin the video is blocked in Australia. Ima see if I can switch region and fix that.
  3. John St. John doing voice acting sounds interesting but never the less I haven't touched this genre and dont plan to.
  4. Anyone gunna bother seeing The Social Network? I know its about the setup of Facebook but it's apparently really well done.
  5. http://twitter.com/MAN_Jake Haven't touched it since Capcom pulled the '4 hours until the adventure begins' crap that I stayed up till 1am (unfortunately that was it in our time zone) cause I am desperate for a new monster hunter. And no I didn't cancel my pre-order I didn't have one in the first place... And I made a pre-order a few weeks later.
  6. Its a 1.9ghz Celeron with integrated graphics. Humble indie bundle works, also its running Portal on medium. Fallout 1 & 2 are working nicely and on the lower settings Battlefield 2 works nicely. Also Im happy to now have a computer available with a 32bit OS for compatiability with the old 16 bit stuffs like Sim Tower, to which I loved many a year ago. Anyway those threads were very useful so thanks Ethan.
  7. The amount of pages in this thread has hit the meaning of life.
  8. Hooray it is now my birthday, and I have received a new laptop. Only problem is its a bit plain at the moment, so I need some good and not too graphically intensive games to play when I'm out and my desktop isn't available to me.
  9. Is celebrating his birthday with his good mate Fraser.

  10. Im having good thoughts about Portal 2, same with Crysis 2. HURR DURR MACHO SPAEC MARINES 3 im not so sure about, especially after the first 2. Deus Ex 3 ill wait till the game comes out and a hype following friend of mine gets it so I can give it a go. Fallout: New Vegas is looking great as they are fixing many of the things thats failed in Fallout 3. Sony and Microsoft showing off their motion controllers was a real downer for me.
  11. Neatnit, its GTA IV in the wild west with more fun stuff to do instead of boring nothingness.
  12. NoiseExplosion have you managed to take a bear down with a knife yet?
  13. Has anyone else been playing Red Dead Redemption? Explain your best in-game moments. I managed to take on 4 bears with throwing knives, saving a man so that I could tie him up and throw bait on him. EDIT: the 'I have it and it' option is meant to be 'I have it and it's OK' so treat i as such.
  14. I went onto the WCS forums on the wayback machine, pretty cool to bring back memories of before I left http://web.archive.org/web/20080418151707/forums.wecreatestuff.com/ What other sites are fun to look at from the wayback machine?
  15. If anyone tries a #34 of me I will slaughter them and leave them as a corpse to encounter in NH2.