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  1. Lol it doesn't seem to reduce the IQ, i watched it just before sleeping on wednesday, as i had a big test in mathematics on thursday. I got a 20/20, actually my marks are always about 10-12/20. Ow. I must be schizophrenic.
  2. Good idea, however most of the cellphones use mp4 instead of the shitty 3gp, and also most of the phones are sold with softs (yup bloatwares again) to convert videos and transfer them to the phone.
  3. Wawaweewah! I don't know how to use flash, shame on me! I know pivot but it sucks!
  4. I have a french keyboard so i can't get the console!!! Naww!! Oh and i discovered the level 0 by right clik-Play it says level -1 completed and that's it.
  5. No, because if you try to make a 3d flash p0rtal game it will just be the original game with shitty graphics