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  1. DANG i thought this thread died... huh Oh and yea i Know about those bugs.... I really havent had time to fix them... I will When i have time lol
  2. Hen7 said: ?! said: On pretty much any level, when you get to the exit and press "P" at the same time, it skips levels o-o; Weird glitch... on which site do you play the game?, That bug was fixed long long time ago. I did that Glitch To! and the site I went on is this one: http://www.portalfla...rsion.com/porta ... _game.html
  3. I didnt know where to post this BUT: theres a broken link.... when you click portal it brings you to the page with the controls etc... where it says play this on Armor Games, That link is broken. The Working Link: http://armorgames.co...e-flash-version The Broken Link http://armorgames.co...ashversion.html
  4. the cake is a LIE!!!
  5. Application file... i made the game with: gamer maker!
  6. 00:42 IS THE BEST pic ever!
  7. I cant upload it somewhere else Because its NOT flash
  8. they are 100% safe, when people upload the games, it automatically checks for viruses(before its made public of course) and if there was a virus they game wouldnt be made public, and the person who uploaded it would get banned.
  9. I made this on gamemaker, you have to download the yoyo games player, to play it, it is 100% safe why wouldnt it be?
  11. heres a game im still working on! its the beta test level! also you could help me by telling me the Bugs/glitches that are in it! here it is: http://www.yoyogames...ames/show/27653
  12. lol the game is weird!!! lol
  13. lol the game is weird!!! lol
  14. This may help you with your voice thing! Goto 0:58 in the vid and you'll see that she actually tries to speak like GLaDOS first then the effects are put on! see(goto 0:58 in the vid):
  15. so you want to give people heart attacks? ok then !! lol