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  1. ok. 1: Press PrintScrn 2: open Paint( Start --> All Programs --> Accessories -->Paint) 3: either click edit and then paste, or hit Ctrl V(paste key command) 4: edit image, or Save with file --> Save, or Ctrl S(save Key Command) 5: Locate image, and upload it somewhere. 6: paste Image URL into the image brackets on the Post Creator. make sure you have BBC Code turned on!(uncheck the box) 7: hit Submit! -- Bladebaka
  2. press printscrn above insetr and delete on a normal keyboard. on a laptop, its Fcn INS
  3. im sory.. i mustve accidentally hit the 'r' key...
  4. 3D = Three Dee = Three Dimensions.
  5. Stig Goldenbullet said: I have activated the console and pressed the right button, presuming it's the same for all the other Steam Games, but it won't open Steam Games sound like you are playing the steam version.
  6. it sounded like you were wanting to know how to get it open in the 3d version. as far as i know, that doesnt work. for the flash version,click the button that says 'console' in the options menu. then, during a level, press the (`) key, that has a '~' above it. that means it will do '~' when you hold down shift and press (`). this will open up a console. a console is a box that you may enter text into, through the text bar at teh bottom. type, 'gotolevel 0' without the ('') and you will complete level -1. happy level-zeroing!
  7. oh, we are talking about PORTAL: The Flash Version. not the Valve/Steam one... lol.
  8. open console by going to options and turning that option on, go back to a level, hit '~' then type, "gotolevel 0" without quotes. there ya go!
  9. dude, if adobe were looking at this post...
  10. Thanks, Ido, that answers that wuestion. now the question is... nevermind. there are tutorials for this. i just needed what you gave me! ill go find a tutorial site and work on that. Thanks so much! --bladebaka
  11. lol i know
  12. try for student prices.
  13. thanks, but they dont sell it at the Student price there... as far as i know. ill go check it out. --bladebaka
  14. ok, i will edit it, EJMH. thanks! [EDIT] and actually, he(cleod9) has made downloads for the SSF1+2 games he has. you should try it! its actually less laggy than the online version. [EDIT] is that price you gave for the full price or the student price? also, i don't need CS3, if thats the CS3, i would like to know just the flash professional price. i can go look that up, but haven't had much luck. thanks all! [EDIT] Just Flash Professional is about 300$ with any student ID. the CS3 Design/web Premium is about 600$ with any student ID. i think, that since i already have CS2 ill just go ahead and get only the Flash Professional. Thanks, --Bladebaka
  15. i got one where a cube was stuck in limbo and you could walk across the portals without falling. i cant figure out how to post proper pix, so... mehh. i also got an entire stack, floor-to-ceiling, and inf. looped em on another spot on the map. the boxes do something funny, i wont tell, though. you need to try it! 1: make a big stack of boxes. 2: portal em away from the creation area. 3: infinite loop them. 4:ROFLYAO!!