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  1. idk how either
  2. i use vista idk
  3. i agree but i have been saveing up for orange i can know i have at least ONE of the requirments for playing nightmare house
  4. but do you guys know what your makeing next? well i suspect it will be awesome!
  5. holy god!has anyone seen it?!?!?!?!?dont you see?!?!!?portal the flash version was honored for......BEST FLASH GAME OF 07 YEAR ON NG!!!!!!!!!!!omg i was suprised but that was my first time seeing it
  6. there is a setting for it but when i turn it on and like i have music playing in the computer the sound dosent come up
  7. but i use hypercam 2 but when i tell it to record audio i get no noise. someone
  8. here it is (if it works) omg i got it nvm here it is the twin towers http://s262.photobuc...current=omg.jpg
  9. aracon said: heres a glitch you just used portal proof on console
  10. Hen7 said: Oh yeah.
  11. Popo said: Lvl 38 i was being lazy and found a way to completely skip the top half of level 38 without the console: aim well enough and this is easier than level 1 lol i found a fair amount of little shortcuts such as the one with the one with the button to get to useing the gun but you need really good agility
  12. lv. 37 if you set a blue portal in a certain place you will through the ground and get electrocuted
  13. you can play on wii?tell me how
  14. zomg awesome D:
  15. companion cube omg where u get it?cause your talking bout flash version right?