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  1. Yea, I like to make stuff in my time. Here's some Portal stuff: Portal Gun: Progress Chart: Portal Gun: 100% Portals: 100% Portal Beam: 100% Turret: Turret: 100% Turret When Opened And Ready To Attack: 100% Camera: Camera: 100% Camera Holder Thing: 100% Rocket Launcher: Rocket Launcher: 100% Companion Cube: Companion Cube: 100% Motto: Priceless. Comment please?
  2. teenagerimpossible. said: Does what it says on the tin but to waste time GO MOUSE EATING DANCING BANANA oh and please dont spam Seems like you already accomplished that part.
  3. nh2

    teenagerimpossible. said: smidge146 said: I want it now! please Greed! GREED SMITES COMPANION CUBE CUBE ANGRY!!! Jeez, almost every post you made has either "Companion" or "Cube" in it.
  4. nh2

    No, wait till it's finished! Please.
  5. Here you go Hen: EDIT: Fixed link.
  6. Cool, you fixed it. Now you remembered me to make an avatar >_> Got the Portals and Cube from a Madness portal pack.
  7. Hen7 said: Me likes, now make a 2d portal flash game, that will be awesome. Yea, I wish. But I need someone who can help with the Actionscript. Anyone good at it?
  8. Well, I'm confused on what your asking. You mean like, an option to make your own levels and get to actually play them? If so, that's be sexy.
  9. http://forums.wecrea...topic.php?t=113 Don't worry, I'm sure people with poor eye sight can't see this thread, so I'm helping you out. >_>
  10. Stealthflame said: no i think we recycled our newspapers a couple days ago ._. Then your making up stuff. God this was a pointless thread.
  11. Well, talked to Ido. Said it was like a bitch to code >_> And no, he said they weren't going to. They may change their minds...