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  1. lol thats pretty good nice to see another R&C fan here
  2. lol, i loved the original and loved this one more, great games
  3. i'm in
  4. not bad, do you mind telling what you use to produce music?
  5. xD my bro and i always sit around quoting from that vid. d*mnit!!! my f*cking turkey is dry!!! seriously, osmeimtes i want to tear this whole d*** place apart. Did you see taht android in the lunch line today? nice @$$ on that one. High five *wah-chh*
  6. teenagerimpossible. said: Portal in the life of a turret is hillarious some one should make bioshock : a day in the life of a big daddy itloat is so funny xD
  7. i put the turret since they're so cute
  8. lol thanks, and remember, wen u do it, with skill u can pick it bak up, and wen at the peak of a jump, lift the box ovr ur head, drop it, and go out of the loop n hop bak in to go even HIGHER EDIT: aw, u didn't leave a comment on my vid *cries* PS EDIT: k, i'm uploading another vid where i show the true potential of the box jump, where i almost touch the ceiling of room 0 Final Thought: alright here we go lol, i started with a box, and then decided a companion cube would make everyone happier
  9. today i went through and swept for a bunch of glitches, so i'm poppin out a video with around 10 glitches. one is AWESOME. I call it the "box jump" where you can get CRAZY hight, even when there is black all around you. as long as the floor is white and you have a box (you can just create one ) it works beautifully. i'll edit when it's up k here it is everyone
  10. good
  11. lol, i watched something like "top 10 of the month" or something and it was hilarious xD
  12. EJMH said: Stealthflame said: EJMH said: This game is awesome. Very creative, it reminds of me Crush, a PSP game where you have switch between 2D and 3D to get around the puzzles. oh yeah...that game looks interesting, but i haven't seen it around, but i wanna get it sometime soon i love this game cuz it's one of those where ppl walk in and they're like "WTF *head explodes*" lol, like portal Um, I didn't quite have that reaction... Here's Crush. yeah but i mean other ppl who walk in while ur playing thanks
  13. gah!!! and all my friends have the OB for PC so i can't play with em >_> great, no modding, few cheats, less online/maps...i feel tewwibow
  14. i dunno, these ways are funner