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  1. Hasen-Nobi said: ...I wonder what happens if you put portal1 inside your stomach, and then jump into portal2. end of the world or a time space continum no i dont relly understand the meaning
  2. i would shoot it down someones throat shoot one on the ground then jump in the ground one and i would be inside them and they would blow up or one on my palm then ground jump into the ground one and it would cause me to lose my hand and probly break the universe or on someone have them fly to japan then i would jump through one on the ground and be in japan for free ohh and drop an super chareged atomic boom and jump back thru the portal and leave my friend to die lol id find a smal area like a closet then shoot to portals on a wall then put my feet in one and head in the other so i can suck my own cock or send a satlite to orbit the sun and have a portal on one end of the satlite and a solar powered energy generator and sell the energy for a cheep price and make millions and then by my own personal army and enslave the human race then send them to a different universe to enslave aliens go banananananananananan (when do i stop) anananananananananan
  3. i got nothing