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  1. My bad, I can do it at newgrounds, just not at WCS.
  2. Whenever I try to save it, it doesn't work. Did you use voodoo magic?
  3. For massive box,turret, ball, or camera spawning, enter the command in once, and instead of the usual Ctrl+V thing, press the up takes you to the last command. you can then press up+Enter, releaving you of one keystroke.
  4. Inzuki said: http://forums.wecrea...topic.php?t=113 Don't worry, I'm sure people with poor eye sight can't see this thread, so I'm helping you out. >_> serry. I no see very well. lol best movie ever
  5. A glitch I found. Go to a level like level 40. pop though a portal and make sure you are fried by the laser field. the turret will see you and fire at your chared remains, causing the character to reshape and be turret blasted. for some reason, turrets killing you take more priority than laser fields. weird.