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  1. By far the best mod I've ever played, phenomenal effort by all the team I was pretty amazed it was done with the source engine, the head bobbing as you walk and those fear-like sequences were awesome. I think the part with the mannequins might have scarred me for life, but oh well, it was worth it The only criticism I'd have would be with the voice acting, atleast on the male part, it seemed a bit unenthusiastic in some parts and corny in others, but atleast it was good for a laugh. The moral choices were pretty awesome too, I wasn't expecting to find that level of depth in a mod, I guess it shows just how high the quality is awesome job!!
  2. Would you say it's scarier than NH:remake?
  3. Hen, I see alot of people demanding a release date from you, but not a lot thanking you for the effort. So i'm gunna thank you for all the work you're doing in your spare time to make us happy. Well done good sir.