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  1. this is kinda low quality but its acceptable. Its a Portal ScreenSaver with The Portal gun holding up a rotating Companion Cube. with the Portal 4000 Degrees Kelvin song playing in background. Its was made using Easy 3D Creator by DZ Soft. Note:The software is discountinued but there seems to be hardly any problems.
  2. i know, im lost in this mess too
  3. so no help what so ever.....thanks NeatNit
  4. well this just sucks, spamming a post.
  5. this post is getting to be pointless..... and starting to become off topic
  6. ahh it was to much trouble in the first place. to just go over for this kinda thing but i'll just drop it
  7. ok i got the portal gun model from GMOD website. but it ended up to be to much trouble to get the entire Portal first slice thing. and i have been searching and searching and cant find a MDL to 3DS converter. and its to much trouble to go over for just a simple screensaver
  8. ok i was fortunate enough to find the portal model, without downloading Portal. http://svn2.assembla...models/weapons/ EDIT: nvm thats the wrong portal gun...
  9. and from what it says on the help menu, Sprites cant be adjusted for Screen Resolution so. i think that i will leave out the Portal Gun.
  10. i guess i did turn off BBC Code..o well anyways. NeatNit there is an option of importing X files or converting 3DS into X files but i dont have the companion cube model, cuz i dont own Portal. and i will try to fix it up but if you want me to add the Companion Cube model, id be happy to do so. if you could provide me with a link to get one.
  11. Just as a suggestion do you think it would be great if Portal TFV had a level editor? (its been quite a while since i was here, glad to be back)
  12. Check me robots, especially the Learning Brick Sorter, uses a simple AI but good AI, plus another robot of mine and the RIS 2.0 Tour
  13. yes lego mindstorms, programmed it all in NQC
  14. whoops my bad.
  15. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought the trailer was the joke.
  16. oh ok But I gotta say you guys did an excellent job on Portal TFV and cant wait for HL2 TFV(lol on the Rick Rolled trailer)
  17. What is the EASY way to download Portal TFV? ive been reading and i just want the Portal TFV swf file thats all i want nothing more, nothing less. can some one help plz!
  18. Woo, time to work on room 28. so wat prog did u use to make these lvls?
  19. are there commands that let u create the energy ball tranmitters and recievers oh and is dere a command that makes the red buttons?
  20. like in portal can u load ur own custom maps in portal tfv?
  21. yea know how we hve been wondering about custom lvls well we could use lvl 0 (aka FUN room) as the template. but are there any command for making like the energy ball tranmiters and recievers or the buttons that u put the cubes on?
  22. i was wondering can u make ur own custom lvl on the flash version, i kno u can do it in the real version.