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  1. In the room where you get the candle, to get the drawer open you have to click on the bird flying thru the pictures!!! Either side!!! The # for the phone is not always the same. When getting the phone off the train, to open the door click on the panel beside it. In the room getting the brain: work from the middle to get it to work the best. The lines should be as follows: From middle to bottom left, from bottom left to top left, from top left to top right, from top right to middle right, from middle right to top middle, from top middle to the bottom (the plinth), then the brain raises up and you click on it to get it!!! All the help on here was very good, it really helped me out!!! Thanks everyone!!! Hope this helps a little more and I thought it was a pretty kool game!!! Enjoy, I did!!! L8R