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  1. Ido said: Hen7 said: EJMH said: I'd love to but it's telling me to install some crap.
  2. Ok, now to add to the asylum feel. Have normal people, in a ghost form. Make these people in randomly located rooms which have small windows at eye level on padded doors with bars going down them. Now, some of these people will be yelling No! No! No! No more!!!!!!!! and pounding at the ground, spazzing out. You could come up with more ideas related to this, you know, emphasize. Another idea related to this. You follow a man, but he is not normal, he has armor on and he is carrying a rope or chain. He walks up to a padded door with the window, unlocks it and proceeds in, shutting the door behind him. Curiosity will cause the player to look through the window, only to see the man walk up to one of those ghost people. The ghost looks up and says very calmly No. No No No No No. The strange torture man wraps the chain around the ghosts neck and murders him. Blood splatters everywhere. Stuff like this would give the asylum its, creepy torture feel.
  3. Ok, now the idea of nests and creepy bugs has always freaked me out. This is a trigger that doesn't have to happen, it's just a room to the side that will likely be entered. You walk into the room. It's a small square room. Theres a door on the other side. You try to open it. It's locked. Suddenly, the ceiling gives out. Dead head crabs (or something else creepy, like human bodies) fall from the open ceiling as well as some live ones just to add to the scary. This would scare me...