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  1. A fake vertification: DON'T ENTER CODE HERE that will trick the bots into putting both vertifications in, and because they put the fake in, they can't register.
  2. hl2DM and/or lost coast works fine for me(though I have the full portal)
  3. The first level with a button activated cube dispenser, if you press the button before it drops the first cube, 2 fall. When one is fizzled, I THINK the other is too, that would allow you to get stuck in the door...
  4. He is using a diffrent color set...
  5. omegastick said: I have seen some people saying they'd jump off a cliff and the launch two portals right at the bottom. There is only one problem; the sudden change of g-force would kill you, or at least brain damage you. You wouldn't be hurt as you go through, because am object going through a portal would not feel the direction change. also: / || [|| // / |_[]__ / _ / / / _/(view in monospace, such as the font system or terminal)
  6. White(in RL) brownisg-fellowish-green(background, possibly merly a default) other?(if there is an option)
  7. Probably, I just HAD to, after seeing the whole thing in one sitting, no cheats of any kind.
  8. As far as I could tell, I saw no errors, although all I had was HL2DM and lost coast...(They were free for my video card
  9. Well look at that! Almost no unwanted activity in this forum section. Maybe you should release stuff more often?
  10. Just finished it. I think that valve should officially approve of it, and maybe even include it in the portal download!!
  11. PEOPLE, you missed the semi-obvious partly hidden small-fonted download link they have on EVERY page. Just look down the page a bit.
  12. Ya, as far as I could see(before I got the full game) the onle diffrences were the inability to load any levels except the first 10 chambers and title screen, as well as the removal of a few menu options that would be useless anyway because of it. Practically all the cheats worked that I tried(except that level changine one)
  13. ctrl-alt-del'd it, but hit explorer first accidentally. oops.
  14. Release date estimate?
  15. I beat all but the last few without cheats. I will return to them later.
  16. I would stalk Toady One(Tarn Adams), the creator of Dwarf Fortress.
  17. Five words: WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?
  18. I have portal now, so I eagerly await this.
  19. Seriously, that belongs in the game. Maybe as level just like level 0. All it needs is a small fix on the GLaDOS rings... The rocket turret would be fantastic if you made a level editor! Imagine Portal:TFV converted to C with the addition of an editor and larger levels(with screen scrolling) SMATI? completely random occurance.
  20. The CC is a lie! Really. Edit: also, my first(and only) level... A bit of tricky stuff. And spikes. Lots and lots of spikes. Quote 52ZAAAAA80Z5Z1AB23Z23Z5Z123Z23Z23ZAAB012Z52ZAAC0Z12ZAB20ZAAB020ZC005Z122ZA020ZAAB020Z53Z00Z22ZA020ZAAB020Z0Z150Z22 ZA020ZAAB020Z5Z100Z22ZA020ZAAB020Z52Z00Z22ZA020Z53ZAA0020 Z93Z5Z122ZA002Z12Z23Z23Z23Z23Z12X2ZAAB02Z12Z12Z12Z12Z12Z1A B53ZAAAAAC0050Z another edit: later more interesting and cheat free version Quote 52ZAAAAA00Z5Z1B0Z23Z23Z23Z5Z123Z23Z23Z52112A080Z10Z52Z02ZAA00313121131271221A020ZAAB001212C005Z122ZA020ZAAB020Z53Z00 Z22ZA020ZAAB020Z0Z150Z22ZA020ZAAB020Z5Z153Z22ZA020ZAAC3Z2 0Z52Z40Z22ZA020Z02ZC0023Z23Z2311273Z13Z50Z5Z2A020Z53Z20Z10 Z10Z5011253112Y0Z63112AB2Z12Z12Z12Z12Z12Z12Z16122260121C005 3ZAAAAC091221C0050Z have fun.
  21. I am trying to get the game, ASAP....
  22. I am sad at the fact that I only have first slice, and they disabled external map loading in it.