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  1. Neat-Nit said: JayGar said: Ido said: Hen7 said: EJMH said: I'd love to but it's telling me to install some crap.
  2. 1. Does We Create Stuff come up fast enough? (Note> we made some server changes 2 days ago, perhaps earlier problems were solved) 2. Would you like to see a quick post option or any other addon around the forums? 3. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum skin anytime soon? 4. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum software itself anytime soon? 5. Do you think the News/Announcements forum is enough for overall We Create Stuff news? 6. Do you think the front page of We Create Stuff website details enough about the projects? 7. Do you think more moderators are required? 8. Does the ads above this post right now interrupt your experience in any way? 9. If you could change only one thing in We Create Stuff, what would it be? 10. Did you finish Portal: TFV? 1.Yeah I guess so 2.Quick post is already there but more features would be swell 3. Not really, I like it nice and light, it might look nice do have something a bit more fancy though 4.No its fine 5.I guess so 6.You should put little descriptions under the pictures 7.If you pick me, yes! If you don't, no its fine. 8.What ads? I have Adblock Plus 9.Make another Steam game TFV 10.Indeed so