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  1. Haha that's awesome... indeed a small network Especially now that the world belongs to Israel, it'll only get smaller. The cakes will get bigger, though.
  2. We already are - no one knows it yet
  3. Hey guys, big thanks for the kind words! Yeah I guess we mispronounced the word Mesa, our mistake... it sounded like MEESA (still does, actually ) in the original. Quote Friggin' awesome. I had no idea you guys were Israeli Love your cover. I had no idea you guys were Israeli either, until I saw the end-game credits. Was a real pleasant surprise Great job too, I had a blast playing it! The cake at the end was taken from a google image search. I wish I had made it
  4. Hey all, My name is Gil, I'm a member of an Israeli rock band called "missFlag". I noticed the creators of the 2D Portal (which is fantastic BTW!) are also Israeli, so I thought it would be cool to post this here After uploading a low quality video of us playing "Still Alive" a few months ago, and receiving thousands of requests for a high quality version, we finally decided to hit the studios and record the cover properly. It's now done and we've released it as a free MP3.. and we'd love to hear what you all think! You can hear it over here: Download the MP3 from here: http://www.missflag....?section=portal Cheers! Gil