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  1. And believe me I'm Still Alive,
  2. I tried it out with my brother, and this is what we got: This was a Flash Game made by hen7 of Israel! It's hard to overstate his satisfaction. 'Twas the flash version of the it game, that's called: Portal! You can play it on his site: wecreatestuff dot com! But their's still sense playing the actual game, when you're bored with playing the flash version... YAY! and the testing is done and you made made this neat game, for the people who are Still Alive! ... And that's what we have so far! PS: I hope you like it Ido and Hen7, we poured our heart and soul into this! not rly...
  3. Hen7 said: TESTER NEEDED The map is not done but I need someone to check the progress so far. Requirements: Someone I could trust. Portal for the PC of course. Half life 2. General knowledge and understanding of how to play portal, Using tricks and advanced stuff. Knowledge of how to use and play custom maps. Finding bugs, glitches, ways to cheat the map (get yourself trapped etc), tell me if the map is too hard/easy. Making a list of the stuff above. A BRAIN. Note, I'm not sending you the map just for you to play it, I need someone who can really beta test it, I could just sent it to my friends if I wanted to. PS, This is a WIP, Don't show it to anyone else. PM me or post here If you want to participant. I'm gonna get Orange Box for PC after vacation, which is in about 5 hours, so I could if noone is up... But you have to wait LITERALLY 5 hours... or more... Sorry. PS my machine is kinda bad, but it can run portal decently... I hope...