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  1. Ok, just curious. Do you need Half life 2 downloaded to download HL2: DM? or not? Edit: Ohcrap 10daybump ._.
  2. On lvl 5, theres no exit to level 6 and the level with only 1 box and 2 buttons, You can jump in the red lazers, and you wont get vaporized. And the zapping thing, the top one starts up, then 2 seconds later the bottom one starts.
  3. I got portal about 2 days ago. I had fun and all, but in the console, I barely even figured out any commands for it. I basically know: noclip impulse_101 and sv_cheats 1. Can someone post the console commands?
  4. Ok This was a failure. Get a actual life. Now you know the cake is a lie. Apple Q! It sux so bad, i'm going off topic. You're companion is dead. So theres no sense crying to god for it back, you just keep on trying till you ate all the cake and your job is getting done and you have a failing life you know, the cake is a lie! I got bored XD
  5. Will there ever be a 1st person version of Portal: TFV? Just wondering.
  6. Great.. I'm screwed. Although I wish someone who is on shiftlimits who has 100 posts could download it for me >.>
  7. There is... It goes... uh... FWOOHWOOHWOOHWOOHWOOHWOOH
  8. I searched all over google but could not find a portal sound pack, Shiftlimits has one, but I just got banished for no reason. Can anyone help? I need: Portal shot sound Going through a portal and infinity loop sound I cannot rip off the game because I dont have it.
  9. Hen7 said: ?! said: XD, How did you make that? And why wont you update GLaDOS into the game? ): I drew it lol, and we're done with the updating, Also would you mind taking that sig off?, It can give people seizure. But thats why I made it I'll remove it D: And replace it with something else
  10. Lol, I would just do whatever I want with it
  11. XD, How did you make that? And why wont you update GLaDOS into the game? ):
  12. On pretty much any level, when you get to the exit and press "P" at the same time, it skips levels o-o; Weird glitch...