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  1. *defends TNE and eh* (that's right, I'm too lazy and tired to call you by your full name, eh! Plus calling you eh is funnier )
  2. Whoops. I meant bullshit thread. It's just that it's exactly the same as the Random thread (not in the beginning, but eventually it became exactly like the bullshit thread is)
  3. They already mentions this, I think in the random thread.
  4. TheNoiseExplosion said: Yes, I have a question. Did you encounter any problems while going through this process? Do you plan on releasing this to the public? I just found it here:
  5. I just changed it to Godzilla Firefucks, but am too lazy to restart IE, make a picture of it, upload and then edit the post
  6. So, I used regedit to do this: Any questions?
  7. That would mean NH2 will be out almost a year from now (slightly less than 11 months!) and be updated a day later!
  8. Lol When I try to play, it goes more like this: I sit down, play fo-- crash.
  9. TheNoiseExplosion said: I would hate it if they just flat out tell us what the hell this monster was, and where i came from.Didn't you already have this talk with your parents?
  10. It's still alive
  11. page 2 bottom-ish
  12. After a lot more consideration and re-reading that I was planning, and disqualifying Andy because he already won my last contest and is too damn awesome to get another prize, I am proud to present to you, the winner! Lokrazior said: Name : LokraziorSteam Account Page : http://steamcommunit...561197996229613 Submission : A contest to recreate any variation the in game Valve Logo (logo of a actual valve on a human's head). In game logo that I am talking about: Now, Lokraizor, you have a choice:Either enter the contest yourself, or be a co-judge. Will now PM you and tell you in Steam to send you your prize! Oh, and, CONGRĪ»TULĪ»TIONS!!
  13. That video is pathetic.
  14. About the user: I will use NN again in a week. I must use this for another week, because I started 5 or 6 days too late and posted as N
  15. No the satellite that falls wakes up the monster who was sleeping (hibernating?) somewhere where it fell.