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  1. No! The images are broken.... *sniff*
  2. I found out about WCS because of Portal: The Flash Version. However, my school now blocks Portal TFV, so here I am, on the forums...
  3. ROFLMAO x1000 Poor Earth. I loved the Naruto spoof. I hate the anime so much, but that seemed to put it all in perspective. I may actually watch it now. lawlzzzzzz
  4. I went through the floor! On level 21, I made two portals in the lower part of the floor, went through one, ran towards the other, and went through the floor, and died. LOL. EDIT: These two portals were the ones that led the energy ball to the reciever.
  5. I'm not 16 yet, so instead of walking, I put one portal in front of me, and another at the end of the line of fire of where I want to go, and repeat....