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  1. What happens in the kitchen? Other than the doors randomly closing themselves during the day at least. I could have sworn I saw a silhouette walk through the doorway too, but I think my mind was playing tricks on me. Also, do you ever get a phone call that isn't a cold call? The "TV" tutorial told me to always answer the phone, but it's only rung once and it was a cold call. Also, someone rang the doorbell, I think I'm meant to go through the house and answer the door, but I took the faster route from where I was and went through the gate but nobody was there, the mail box said something about a missed package from Tom hawk-something.
  2. It's safe. That's an alright game you got there but the annoying warp thign I kept getting when I hit the sides. I used to have GMPro but I lost it, I was terrible at it anyway.
  3. I'm no longer adding to this game though...
  4. It is designed to work on the PSP Web Browser which is the main reason I made it. It is featured on www.pspflashgaming.com just incase anyone was looking for it on the internet.
  5. Yes it is also a bandwidth hog! I think this is the time to "Break the glass in case of a n00b" for the ban hammer. Or if you feel kind delete the avatar and make the max avatar dimensions 80x80 or 50x50.
  6. It took me 2 hours to create (that includes dinner time ) http://zuriki.hostwq.net/game/boulder It's the only game I completed ever. The scoreboards don't work so submit brings you back to the title screen.
  7. 1. Yes 2. N/A 3. No 4. Maybe 5. Yes 6. Just enough 7. Nah seems fine 8. What ads? 9. Moar flash games >.< 10. No I found the console and went to the fun room lol...
  8. 15, will be 16 on May 31st
  9. Zuriki. Rather stupid history and rather short too. There was an MMO game which in the end sucked ass anyway xP It asked me to put a name that sounds like a fictional historical name. I was just thinking what are my favorite letters: Z,I,U Ziu was too short Zuki was yuki Zurik sounded like Zurich so I added an i and end up with Zuriki ^^ stupid I know.
  10. Awesome This + God mode!
  11. How do I aim it? And why the lack of picking up stuff... I like holding things and chucking them.
  12. I did realise that but you need to make it. I linked everyone to it and got them Foolsed but they said afterwards looks awesome really want to play that game. Probably best looking flash game in a long time. And stuff like that. You guy's need to make it!
  13. Man Newgrounds sucks, especially the community.Though I check it regularly for games and stuff. Never know when you'll find a gem.
  14. There's no intro forum so I guess intro's go here? Um, I decided to join the forum since I have been playing Portal and I liked the look of HL2:TFV. I'm trying to learn flash myself though I am really slow with it xP I don't focus well on one thing. I have no idea how active I will be as this is a record number of forum's I am posting on, for me. (3) Um, hello!