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  1. Oh wait, this is yours? The minute this video came out I fell in love with it, so kudos to you, sir
  2. yes, an fps tower defence game this game is the fucking shit
  4. this is my first map ever on any source sdk so i'm proud
  5. about damn time this game is gonna be awesome
  6. I got this game within that you-choose-the-price indie pack. It gets boring reallllyyy fast. (what was the name of that thing, anyway?)
  7. Gotta love chocolate-covered Sufganiot. Also my shitty school cut our vacation by 3 days. OZ can relate with me.
  8. Fraps has a "record win7 sound", trolol. But I can't find a fully screen record option. I remember using Camtasia, but I also remember everything was pixelled and laggy. I'll check out their help section anyway, thanks! Any other suggestions?
  9. That's an awesome idea, but, I don't know any good screen recording software. HyperCam and all of it's friends are completely dumb and gay, and fraps only records games. Suggestions?
  10. How do I shot web export videos with movie clips still working? Eddsworld does it, so can I >:C
  11. no it wont give you a golden wrench anyway, have you ever tried clicking here?:
  12. Created by me, special thanks to OZ for monitoring and suggesting stuff all along.