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  1. Thanks.. but i tried that and shit all happened.
  2. that's hell of a theory!
  3. I got the portal playground map recently, but im a noob so i don't know how to install it, anyone wanna help meh?
  4. what exactly do i do with the mod once it's saved? do i have to save to a specific file or extract it or w/e? -Noob.
  5. I found a bug/glitch or two, at the first bit when i was jumping up the blocks i kinda teleported under the floor and i couldn't see myself. also when i got to the top and a ran to the left i teleported (again) randomly to another block.
  6. w00t
  7. b-a-e-r_NL said: so... all in favor for more console commands? *raises hand* *raises hand*
  8. FAQ

    is there a downloadable version of VALVe's portal? if so can someone gimme a link? thanks
  9. Maybe rob a bank, put a portal below loads of cash and the other in my room