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  1. I'm sorry about this guys, had i known the schedule was going to be this off i wouldn't have posted it. here is the news i can tell you 4Kids has taken over another Saturday morning block of tv on the network CW, this is fantastic and will lead to an even larger exposure for my work. but this also has delayed a whole lot of their other projects including mine. they have also had massive trouble with some critical parts of their site at a bad time delaying their back end team. one point of solace is that what currently up at www.papercrafted.com is about a month or two of updates, so even when it launches there you guyts will be ahead of the game.
  2. NeatNit said: Lol. Yeah I wasn't really complaining, I was just saying that they shouldn't give themselves deadlines, and if they do at least make it a specific one (a month isn't that accurate...) well nothing is really a "dead line" because with the internet you are the solicitation, manufacturing, distribution, and the store front. tso there is no real popint in time at witch you are messed up unless you do something stupid like tell people when they can expect to see something.
  3. http://www.worldwork...m/wormhole.html this game ant free but it's totally worth it if you have the time to put a set together. this will keep you busy till they get big big online
  4. well not really, just know that stuff is progressing if your looking for more stuff i just started a deviantART page, http://tylertinsley.deviantart.com/ it has a papercraft i made of the fruit fuc#'er from penny arcade's new game
  5. Check out this frog papercraft I made. Its a creature from a DS game called "The World Ends With You" as you can tell from the paper craft shown here the game has a really crazy style, one that just begged me to capture it in a paper craft sculpture. check my site www.papercrafted.com for the downloads questions? comments?
  6. i will be shortly adding a papercraft from squares new game the world ends with you. it's just a model to build and look at (no table top game for it)
  7. oh and don't worry i will send you a mail when it's up at 4 kids so you don't have to keep checking it
  8. nope, while i could press them to get more specific I'm reluctant to do so. the person I'm working with on this is also very exited to get the game up on their site, however huge companies like this have a whole lot to get done and tend to move slowly. no worries though it will be up eventually and when it is it will rock!
  9. some time in may (so this month).
  10. NeatNit said: Again, not trying to laugh at you, just want to help. Sorry if this post offended you in any way, I joke too much around the web and sometimes I go too far. Really? I find this kinds of stuff hilarious! here i am an American and my English is usually corrected by people who know English as only a second or third language. It's a a part of my self that i must laugh about while i try to work on it. The final version of this game will be presented on the website 4Kids.tv They handle all the Saturday mooring cartoons on the FOX TV network in America. I'm sure they will take care of most of these issues as they are formatting the PDFs and creating players guides.
  11. Hi guys thanks for the feed back, you have the beta files so i was expecting a few bugs to pop up here and there (pun not intended but loved anyway) NeatNit said: I'd love to help any way I can, unfortunately I can't (unless you can find anything for me to do - I think I can translate to Hebrew ) what your doing right now is help enough, Thanks! NeatNit said: Edit (next morning): Ok, I read it, but it was super-late so I didn't understand anything. Also, I think you need to rephrase some things. And you had some typos: In the butterfly card, you wrote:Flap Any time during your turn you may fold thsi figs wings up or down. i sure this has been fixed in some edition of the files, however i make mistakes like this all the time, i will duble check to make sure its fixed in the final release NeatNit said: In the rules page you wrote:If the totals are tied the figure who's roll has the most white dice is removed from play both figures are removed from play. I think there are more. Wow thats a big mistake! it should read something like this "If the totals are tied the figure who's roll has the most white dice is removed from play. if both figures rolls share the same amount of white dice then they are both removed from play." basically if a card has more black dice it will win in a tie NeatNit said: While you fix it, please also try to reduce filesize. while i'm not sure how to do this i will look into it. the files are a complex mix of type, raster, and vector images 'm not sure how to compress them without reducing print quality. NeatNit said: Another edit: I just tried to make the scorpion or whatever it's called (under the lady bug) and i noticed the tail doesn't fit the crack. Either make the crack bigger or the tail thinner (right next to the grey gluing area)Or make it clear to cut about quarter-way through the line separating between the grey and the tail. i can understand the confusion, with most paper craft kits the goal is to cut out the shapes leavening no outlines on the final piece, however with the thick coloring book style line work on these models this is likely not apparent . I guess you reasoned that they should cut to the edge or center of the line? while i have sent these rules and pieces out to other groups and they understood them well, I'm interested in hearing more about what is confuseing you about the rules, i want to make these things watter tight for the full release At www.4kids.tv
  12. it's enough to play with what is currently out. the full rules will include some extra stuff and a few new mechanics (how to deal with new bases). the full rules are not available at this time. i would love to have any feed back you may have on the game or any other question (i want to have a FAQ in the full rules)
  13. while wind is a problem there are few ways for a table top game to avoid that, same thing as watter as most games have at least one component that is paper anyway. crushing can be a problem however the BBB minis are built with folds and shapes that make them very strong for something made out of paper (check out the lady bug). They are much easier to transport then mettle or even plastic minis because they are so light you can just toss them all in a box and they wont crush each other. Also the cards are two pieces of card stock glued together (I.E. Laminated) and they can actually be far stronger then cards that come with games normally (though they have less flexibility and are not recommend for games where they need to be shuffled). the biggest problem is most board gamers do not want to assemble them, however my deal with 4Kids is going to net me some cash and keep the game free to download as it will all be supported by ads. i cant wait to start anew era of add supported table top games!
  14. http://www.papercrafted.com/ i design tabletop games. you can download my papercraft game on the provided link (click the Big Big Battles Page)