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  1. To get past that part, i Put a portal on a high wall, went halfway through that, and put a portal on the floor just under the dispenser, causing me to fall down and i quickly put another portal on the floor under me, flying me up the shoot. The rest is obvious from there.
  2. I'm using white against grey, since even grey against grey is a bit dark and is easier to see, it's easier to read by just holding left mouse button and scrolling over it. What's that called again? Whatever. I don't know how to do spoilder warninngs so i just do that.
  3. I just beat it as well, i heard a few things about the boss at the end but i didnt really have anything to imagine it as until seeing it in person, and wow that thing is persistant! And i also liked how you made the portal gun spark and shoot random portals like it was broken, which is good since it was supposed to be!
  4. Sweet, thanks, i'm actually getting HL2 today so this was really helpful, and just in time ^.^
  5. Can anyone tell me what file to put the download in? I'm used to only used zipped folders but i don't get this one.
  6. I'd put a poral on a table, one on a wall, and jam the table through the portal on the wall. That would seriously destroy the universe, either that or there'd be INFINITE TABLES! But if you ever took it out (which would probably be impossible since it'd probably be jammed) it'd be just one again. Hows that for an optical illusion?