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  1. NeatNit said: I think this deserves a new post.. I'm thinking of making a video walkthrough for this, unless someone thinks he (or someone else) can do a better job or has already started? Cool! Too bad the levels aren't numbered, or at least not than I can tell. It makes it a cumbersome to a help thread to describe where you're stuck when you first have to explain where the heck you are. I haven't found that any of the help comments or videos on the "flash" version help when stuck in the 3d version.
  2. EToaster - Thanks....boy do I feel like an idiot..that was so easy. I guess I had forgotten or didn't ever know that you could go out an go in the same colored portal. But I guess that makes sense that once you are out of a portal it doesn't matter what color the next portal is. I can now think of a lot of other jumps that would have been a lot easier if I had used this approach.
  3. Since the levels don't seem to be numbered and I haven't been counting, I'll try to describe the level I'm stalled on. I'm stuck at the end of the level just past where you push the red control button and you can see the ship through the window. There is an X on the ceiling near the bottom of some stairs. You go up the stairs and look down into a pit that has an X on a slab. I gather you need to get across the gap from the top of the stairs over the pit to finish the level. I first tried to just jump the gap, but never really came close. I then had trouble getting a portal to even open on the slab at the bottom of the pit, but finally managed to do it. Placing a portal on the X on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs quickly made no sense, so I placed it on the floor below the X on the ceiling. I then go to the top of the stairs and jump in the portal at the bottom of the pit. I don't get near enough height or momentum to carry me the other side, and even if I did since there is very little, if any control when you come out of the portal I'm pointing in all directions at seemingly at random. I even reversed it & tryied jumping in the portal at the bottm of the stairs & not even close. I've got to be missing something obvious here but don't have a clue after so many attempt. Any help?