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  1. Hen, I'd suggest you watch Dead Space video diaries, although it's a totally different setting the principal of scaring people remains same, you may learn quite a few useful tricks :
  2. Hen7 said: Where is it that part, I don't remember a painting falling It's quite at the beginning, after you brake that wall and go into a bathroom where there's a zombie torso on the ground, when you go out of the bathroom there's a narrow hallway and there's a painting on the wall. It won't fall on its own, you have to bump into it : EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention it was the remake
  3. I nearly laughed my ass off when my friend played it. He actually doesn't like horror games because he gets scared easily but I persuaded him to play it. There was this one part with a narrow hallway and a painting on the wall. My buddy was frightened enough already, when he nudged the painting and it fell down, he was like "No way, I don't want to play anymore!" and I was like "come one, that painting won't hurt you, silly!" and just when he was walking over it the painting started jumping up and down (the game's physics went a bit crazy ) and it nearly killed him
  4. Oh boy, I'm glad you found someone Hen7. Thank you Corewarp, I hope you can make it, good luck!!!
  5. Hi. I had a lot of fun playing NH Remake when it came out and I've been eagerly waiting NH2 ever since, I just LOVE this kind of horror games/mods, really nice job guys! Now, one thing I don't like in this sort of games is the use of monsters (kinda stupid, you might say ), but so it is. It just doesn't feel scary seeing a zombie coming toward you and trying to kill you, especially if you've seen the zombie before. My suggestion to you is to use as few monsters as possible. A perfect horror game would be one where you have to deal with only one monster/ghost/whatever, but you don't actually see it, only maybe a little bit when it comes to attack you. The only way it can attack you is when you're not being careful enough, like running into a room or something instead of walking. The fact that you don't know what it actually is is what's really scary. The same thing is with dark rooms(in real life), you're not scared because there might be a ghost/whatever you're afraid of, you're scared because you don't know what there is until you turn on the light.