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  1. anyone know how to get CamStudio on PS3?
  2. uhhhh it would stay in the same spot not on the earth but if you were to fly a helicopter over it and keep it there it woulld be above the portal the whole time it would probably make the portal more stable than it already is plus if you put it to scale it barely be moving at all considering how big the earth is compared to a portal
  3. oh forgot about orbit go to http://www.orbitdown...om/download.htm and click download know orbit allows you to download flash games just install orbit then when your playing a game a little icon on the game will say getit click that and walah you have your game
  4. its not a program yet but theres a beta out www.vixy.net it converts youtube to wmv (Windows media player) really useful for all those montage makers out their. really straight forward just put in the url and click convert
  5. no the portal would not vapourive because of earths movements its if a sudden jolt or noticeable movement the portal would vapourize has anyone auctually played the game?
  6. thats why we dont have portal their physically impossible DUR
  7. RizzLe said: Neat-Nit said: JayGar said: Ido said: Hen7 said: EJMH said: I'd love to but it's telling me to install some crap.
  8. i would put one right above a matress stacked high in a bed warehouse a really comfy bed and one on mine cause my bed sucks so now when i got to bed im on a really comfy one high in the air
  9. ok how bout a room its just a room empty and pitch black you know theres something moraly wrong with the room then it lights up a little theres a window a creepy looking zombie slams himself on it and pounds on it splattering blood everywhere the lights go black again then you hhear screaming by the window roaring moblike screaming you hear a thump the screaming stops aruptly then the zombies burst from the door coming and coming in the dark