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  1. Great, game, and refrence to Portal TFV. 10 out of 10!!!!
  2. In the 3-D game (which is AWESOME!) at the end, there is portal malfunction. How would be achived in real life?
  3. I would use it to go to just about any place in the world! I'd also use it to get revenge on anybodywhom I don't like.
  4. How 2 get all the medals: Beat the game: Get to the snakepit room. Title trasher: Click on the face in the top right corner, than follow the instructions. Appreciation: View the credits. Teh trophy!: Get the trophy; DUH!?! Joke's on me: Beat the cross level in less the time alloted. Speed runner: Beat the game in less than 5 minutes. Suport the devlopers: Vist the AG link. You're welcome.