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  1. yeah,seems to me that to everybody except me this thing runs just fine..maybe i'm cursed or what:-(
  2. i looked into the mirror quite recently,haven't seen any bot there:) but anyway, as i wrote i tried it on both windows xp and debian linux with same result,so i don't think it's some background process.
  3. hi i have some performance issues with portal tfv which make the game unplayable for me and i was not able to figure out what's wrong so maybe you could help. the first couple of levels (3-4) run fine,but after that fps randomly drops to unplayable rates (1-2 fps). i tried this on win xp sp2 in firefox 2 and 3 and with flash 9 and 10 beta and on debian linux on firefox 2 with flash 9 (all recent,fully updated) on my notebook (1ghz ram,sempron 1600mhz,ati x1100 chipset, sites like youtube work fine) with the same result. i also tried to download the file on my computer and playt it from's quite frustrating. any ideas anyone? thx. edit: also setting lowest quality and effects seems to have no effect.