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  1. Hen7 said: To tell the truth, I don't even think HL2 is needed to play, some people told me that they could play the mappack without HL2 without problems. The thing you see in the end is a Combine Gunship, one of the HL2 enemies. Ah, perfect, now I know something... how is related to HL2, for example!
  2. Hi guys! I really enjoyed your game, especially the broken parts and how you used GLaDOS voice in various order to make a new story (f.e. Chell cloning lab) There's just a problem... I don't have Half Life 2, so I don't know how Portal TFV story is related to HL2 story... (to make game work, I downloaded HL2 from my friend's steam account and dragged it into my folder) And in read-me: new character! Who?! A last thing... When I quit Aperture Science laboratories, a strange flying thing attacked me! What was that?! I was thinking that some Headcrabs was going to kill me, when I saw it and the game ended... Please, I wanna know better the storyline of this "Portal 1/2"! Thanks for making it, Alex P.S. I'm italian... please don't overdo with english form or I will be unable to read :