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  1. First off, this isn't "Make a Portal 2: TFV", I'm wondering if you guys are going to make a map pack for Portal 2. Not just a port, but make the old map pack better with graphics, and new puzzle mechanics. It's a thought, so please think about it.
  2. I don't have half life 2, and it works just fine for me. Only hlaf life 2 lost coast, and the deathmatch.
  3. Alright, the joke was funny at first, but now WCS staff is making me really annoyed.
  4. Portal 2 is coming out, and as you see, they already announced thatCave Johnson CEO and founder of aperture science is narrarating. He's going to have a western and southern accent, which I think is horrible. See this: "As of this mornin' yer old buddy Cave has been resurrected inside of a computer. And I never felt better!" Since Valve has progressed greatly from the half-life series, I'm trusting them, a little. It also may seem that you wake up is a relaxation chamber like portal 1. Here's some more script: Cave Johnson Dialogue Samples (Introducing himself over a loudspeaker to the Player) Welcome, friend! I hope you enjoyed yer brief detention in the Relaxation Vault. Cave Johnson here, founder and CEO of Aperture Science -- the best damn applied sciences company on Earth. How good is the science here? Get a load a' this: I am dead! Now, yer probably askin' yourself, "Cave, come on now. How is this possible? Are you some manner of Dracula? Or Frankenstein? Or dependin' on yer cultural heritage, a Blackula or Latin Frankenstein? No sir! It's science. As of this mornin', yer old buddy Cave has been resurrected inside of a computer. And I never felt better! You may also be askin', "Cave, where am I? When can I leave? Am I in danger?" Let me answer them questions, with a question. "Who is ready for a science adventure?" Yeah! I hope the answer is you! Because the test starts in three
  5. Sorry for the bump, but since portal 2 is coming out, why not just make it off of that game?
  6. Hmm? He didn't do anything wrong, he was just trying to help, that's all. Anyways, I'm still having the same problem.
  7. Whenever I have to load, (Ex. if I die, or want to load a quick save) It says A.I disabled, and then I have to quit the game. what it does, is prevent mesages, music, functions, (like doors opening) and sound. Can someone help me with this problem? At the beggining, it says, like "build node" or something. Also, the map pack looks really dark.
  8. If createcompanion was in the game, why wasn't it ever used?
  9. Here's the portal tree first slice. Steam folder I-Steam apps I I-(username) I I-portal I I-portal I I-bin I I-client.dll I I-server.dll I I-maps I I-graphs I I-soundcache I I-testchmb_a_##(_advance).cache I I-testchmb_a_##(_advance).manifest I I-cfg I I-DownloadLists I I-resource I I-save I I-screenshots I I-hl2 I I-bin I I-platform I I-patches I I-hl2.exe If you need more details, notify me.
  10. I don't know, maybe it could take place in black mesa? Or maybe, the new and improved Glados with more testchambers, and a more challenging boss! There can also be more voices, because I can make some pretty good GLaDOS voices! Anyways, who built GLaDOS?
  11. Where does portal put all the BSP files? Can you tell me how to access it?
  12. Too bad they updated the demo, so that there's no BSP's. If that's not the case, then I can't find the BSP files.
  13. createcompanion makes a companion cube, but it looks like a cube with a pink circle! Also, when you do dance with noclip, you have to press a and d, then hold one of the directions!
  14. just remember, createcompanion!
  15. I'd think it be extremely interesting to find a sequel for Portal: TFV MapPack. You know at the end, there is this (SPOILER) giant robot like thing at the end? I always wanted to know what it was. It would be really cool. The return of GLaDOS practicaly! And double the action!