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  1. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about Lulzsec. Not gonna go into the details but they released a shitload of usernames and passwords for Battlefield: Heroes Use this to check if you've been compromised.
  2. I have fallen in love with this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIO5WYRKrW8&feature=feedlik
  3. Thanks to the Steam sale I am now the proud owner of Battlefield 2, Knights of the Old Republic, and Mass Effect 2.
  4. Ain't you like 13? Some of my friends regularly smoke pot, and if they can get their hands on some, drink alcohol. EDIT: Also thanks to the Steam Sale, i got Battlefield 2 and Mass Effect 2.
  5. Gonna go see Tron: Legacy tomorrow with my friend tomorrow, I'm so stoked.
  6. Anyone here gonna get Mass Effect 3?
  7. What's funny is that just yesterday I was looking at your profile and thought "Why havent you been posting?"
  8. IIRC If you're a citizen of Israel and you turn 18, you have to serve. Even if you are overseas. ah...well that sucks then :/ so...what happens if you are overseas and refuse to join? do you get deported or something like that? They come for you in the dead of night No I'm just kidding. Not really sure.
  9. IIRC If you're a citizen of Israel and you turn 18, you have to serve. Even if you are overseas.
  10. Any blog post gets lot of attention. a ) Shoot a guard/soldier and run away. Herp derp b ) Pretend you are gay. I heard that it works. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TER0Y7L-RfE c ) If you just can't escape, at least have fun shooting guns.
  11. Jailbreak it
  12. They might not have it in Israel, but normally if i have enough money I go out and buy a prepaid debit card to buy games off steam.
  14. Steam sale going on oh shit. I just bought the Deus Ex 8-pack for me and my friends.
  15. Ooooh I loved that game. And also, I played Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was fucking great, I simply LOVE this series. This was this series' best campaign so far. Th Multiplayer is also very fun, there are lots of new features, nothing to be dissapointed of, very attractive design and addictive gameplay, a recipe for success. The singleplayer was fun but I've not even bothered with MP. I didn't pay for it, I just borrowed it from a friend for a day or two so I could play through it and forget. The reason I didn't buy it is because MW2 was such a rip-off. I refuse to give Activision any money. I'll play their games but I'm not sending money to that company. The singleplayer was really fun, I liked it. Also, I played Sticks and Stones the other day with my friend. My experience: Get tomahawked, get tomahawked again, finally get up to first, get tomahawked at the last second.
  16. Anyone here actually play DotA before? Or League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth? My experience with it: lots of elitist pricks
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yFtWJhsT3k
  18. Not sure what the conversion is, but if you build your computer, you can get a decent build for ~500-700$ EDIT: Still i understand if it's still too much money, if i had a decent job i would have built a better pc a long time ago.
  19. So it's like OnLive? I heard a lot about input lag concerning cloud gaming.
  20. too bad SRL is an inaccurate piece of shit
  21. Is now the proud owner of Killing FLoor.

  22. false there are some single player mods like riot act, rock 24, minerva and some more nightmare house 2 is very good but i think it should be better with achivements and sorry for my english WRONG! If you specifically look at Riot Act's steam page, you will see that it only links to the main website. It is not directly hosted on Steam.
  23. I remember seeing the trailer for Social Network before watching Inception, and i was like this looks pretty cool.