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  1. I have a few objects showing up as ERROR. It was more of an eyesore than anything, but now I'm in one of the last levels and it looks like I have to use whatever objects are missing to continue on. BUT the back of the truck (I'm assuming the ERRORs are trucks) is working! I've read around, so I know they're HL2 objects. But, I own and have installed the Orange Box. I'm pretty sure I extracted everything to the right place when I dl'd the mappack. Any clue what to do?
  2. I thought the problem was completely different, that's why. When I looked it up, most people mentioned they were missing HL2 objects. Believe me, asking for help is one of the last things I do
  3. Ah, okay, I see what I did wrong. It ended up in my 'Maps' folder. I'm sorry I assumed they were HL2 models; that's just what I heard most people had missing when they didn't have it installed, and so I assumed. I'll go back and beat the game again--I cheated my way into the vent ducts. Thank you for your help, and I'm not lying when I say this: this mappack was definitely as good as, if not in some ways better than, Portal.