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  1. I now own a lovely Van Gogh print featuring the Weighted Companion Cube. Thanks, Vincent.
  2. FWIW, I downloaded the HL2 preview which "preloaded" HL2 and did not notice any problems. These games really stretch my old computer -- I can play Portal mostly OK, the HL2 preview doesn't work at all, this mappack from time to time makes the computer go "gzzt" - but judicious saving allowed me to play through and enjoy i very much. Guess I'll have to play HL2 on a console, or get a new computer.
  3. Greets: I just wanted to thank, congratulate and praise the folks who made this mappack, and made it available. You are really cool guys and do not afraid of anything. Finally finished it, only got serious stuck right at the end when I made a mistake that permanently blocked where I needed to put a portal, but other than that it played great. IDK if some of the things you reveal are gong to be part of the Orthodox Version or not, but cool either way. Being a very low-tech guy, I am all the more impressed with what you accomplished. Thanks again, _________________ Jim Kite Maker Kite Flier